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Genesis Series #55 July 28, 2002
Title: 5 Ways That God is Active in His Peopleís Lives Part 2 of 3

Welcome to New Life in Christ. Today we continue with message #55 in our verse-by-verse study of the Book of Genesis.

Read Genesis 29:31-30:23

Opening Prayer

Two weeks ago I shared on Genesis 28:10-20 which deals with Jacobís dream of a stairway reaching to heaven and the angels of God ascending and descending upon it. I pointed out that one of the purposes of the dream was to reveal to Jacob and to us that God is actively working even when we are unaware of it. In the dream the Lord promised Jacob that he would be actively working in his life wherever Jacob went. Chapters 29-31 of Genesis are a historical record of God fulfilling this promise. In these chapters we see 5 ways that God was actively working in Jacobís life and not only in his life but in all of Godís peopleís lives today.

There is a new TV show on The Learning Channel station. The show is entitled, "While You Were Out." The premise of the show is that one spouse will secretly contact the shows interior designers and carpenters and arrange for a room in the house to be totally redesigned while the other spouse is at work or on a trip. The unsuspecting spouse, who was away, then returns from work or the trip to discover that his or her spouse has been actively working even though they were totally unaware of it. This in a sense is how God works in our lives. Often we are oblivious to his activity until after the fact, but God has been actively working nonetheless. Last week I shared on two of the 5 ways God actively works in his peopleís lives.

1. God actively works in his peopleís lives by guiding them.

2. God actively works in his peopleís lives by disciplining them.

Now letís look at the third way God is working.

3. God actively works in his peopleís lives by prospering them.

In this passage and the rest of Chapter 30 we see that God prospered Jacob by providing the two most important things that he lacked: children and flocks. God still does the same today for his people but it must be kept in mind that the word "prosper" does not always mean money, wealth, or possessions. God prospers us by providing us with what we need to fulfill Godís plan and promises. Jacob needed offspring and flocks but the Christian today can prosper in other ways. For example, we can prosper in our ministries. We can prosper in our relationship with the Lord. We can prosper by our growth in Christian character. The point is that God is actively working to provide all that we need to fulfill his purposes.

I look back on my own life and can see how God has provided for me. When I first came into full time ministry here in New Life in Christ my salary was $200 a week. It is obvious that this is not enough for family to live on, but God provided