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#7. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Sermon shared by Russell Brownworth

July 2004
Summary: If you won’t walk the walk, talking the talk is worse than silence. If you won’t walk the walk, take the bumper sticker off your car.
Denomination: United Methodist
Audience: Believer adults
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judge got judged!
• But the witnesses – testimony just stands as what it is – the witness of one’s life and credibility as opposed to another’s.

This morning I want to talk with you about being a witness for Jesus Christ. Years ago R.A. Torrey wrote these words: "I would like to ask what right any man has to call himself a follower of Jesus Christ if he is not a soulwinner? There is absolutely no such thing as following Christ unless you can make the purpose of Christ’s life the purpose of your life."

The purpose of Jesus’ life was to bring lost people to God for forgiveness. That’s also the purpose of any true follower of Jesus Christ.

• There is a difference between being an admirer of Jesus and His disciple. It’s the difference between being a fan and a follower.

• There is a difference between those who sit in the stadium and those who grind it out on the field.
The question comes; do you consider yourself a disciple of Jesus? If so, you must take the self-test, AM I A WATCHER OR A WITNESS.

Now, it is not my main purpose in this message to inform you that Christians ought to witness, especially if it’s only a guilt-trip. If someone has to coerce or manipulate you into sharing the best news that the world has ever known, what you have is, at best, an experience with religion, and not a relationship with the Christ.

By NATURE one who is in love will share the happiness.

This morning, rather than convince you of OBLIGATIONS (the "oughtness" of witnessing), let’s review the FOUNDATIONS (that which formed the beginnings) of our relationship with Jesus. As we remember how and why we came to Jesus, it will make more sense when we think about helping others find the Master. First, there is His:


If you are a Christian, you got that way through a realization, and a reaction. You understood the fact that you were a sinner; you understood the fact that Jesus is the Savior for sinners, and you believed in Him, asking Him to save your poor sin-sick soul.
Now that only happened because SOMEONE ELSE WAS FAITHFUL TO THE COMMISSION. If you think you found Jesus entirely on your own you’ve not thought it through! Throughout the years the church has fought, and many have died, to preserve the Word of God for you to know about this Jesus, the friend of sinners.

• Somewhere along the line somebody shared Jesus with you....It may have been a Bible someone else printed, a tract, a sermon.

• In the end, it was your decision to become a Christian, but you never would’ve known there was a decision to make, were it not for someone else’s faithfulness to the great commission – to go and tell…YOU!

Why would someone share the gospel with you? There is an example in Acts 10 (Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost). God INSTRUCTED the apostles to share the Word. And in our text, Jesus’ last instruction to the disciples was "Go make disciples".

Ours is not a defensive posture; "Here we stand" - Jesus commissions each newborn believer to share his love. I heard about a man who got tired of his defensive stance. He was tired of those Saturday morning people coming round with their bad gospel, disturbing his day off.

He heard that group wouldn’t pledge allegiance to the flag, or salute anything. So he got a huge American flag, put it in his living room, and waited. Sure enough,
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