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Romans Series # 50 August 07, 2002
Title: A Christianís "To Do" List Part 2

Introduction: Welcome to New Life in Christ. We are currently in Chapter 12 of Romans as we continue with message #50 of our verse-by-verse study of the Book of Romans.

Read Romans 12:11-13

Opening Prayer

Last week I shared with you how Romans 12:9-21 is basically a Christian "To Do" list. This is a list of 15 practical things the Christian should be living out in their own lives. Last week I shared on five of the 15 things on the Christianís "To Do" list.

1. Love others sincerely.
2. Hate what is evil.
3. Cling to what is good.
4. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.
5. Honor one another above yourselves.

Now letís continue by looking at the sixth thing on the Christianís "To Do" list.

6. Serve the Lord with diligence and enthusiasm.

Read Romans 12:11

In this verse Paul gives us a two-fold description of how we should serve the Lord. First he says, "Never be lacking in zeal." Second he says, "Keep your spiritual fervor." The word "zeal" is the same Greek word translated as "diligence" in Romans 12:8. The word means to give earnest effort. If we were using this word to describe an employee, we would be speaking of the employee who always arrives early, leaves late, and does not slack off throughout the day. If we were using this word to describe an athlete we would be speaking of the football player who never takes a play off, the batter who always goes for the home run ball, or the Olympian who will not be satisfied with anything less than a gold medal.

This intensity or earnestness of effort, this diligence is how weíre always to serve the Lord. This means weíre to give 100% whatever ministry weíre engaged in, whether childrenís church, the worship team, helping others, serving, hosting a fellowship, intercessory prayer, seniorís ministry, or helping on a workday, etc... To serve the Lord with diligence means giving 100% in ministry, worship, in meditation on the word of God, in our prayer lives and so forth.

6. Serve the Lord with diligence and enthusiasm.

After telling Christianís to serve the Lord with diligence (zeal), Paul goes on to say, "Keep your spiritual fervor." This refers not so much to what we do (our actions), as it does to our attitude. "Spiritual fervor" is a reference to spiritual enthusiasm. Not only should we give whole hearted efforts in serving the Lord, but we should be excited and enthused about it. The word for "fervor" here is the Greek word for boiling. It was figuratively used to describe a passionate attitude. This is the attitude of enthusiasm we all should have toward the things of the Lord. We should be passionate in our worship, excited about our time in Godís word, and enthused about serving God with our gifts.

6. Serve the Lord with diligence and enthusiasm.