The context of the message today has to do with your justification by faith in which youíve benefited by receiving peace with God, access to Godís grace, rejoicing in Godís glory which means God will reveal Himself in you for who He really is thereby enabling you to become all that He intended you to be. The results of your being made just as if you never sinned or ever will again include rejoicing in your suffering which produces in you perseverance, character and hope as well as Godís love being poured out and demonstrated. All this is summarized in that through justification you receive reconciliation which means God has made you friends with Himself and He not only loves you, He likes you because Heís made you likeable.

So, since Christians have been fully delivered from Godís wrath, Christ has completely overturned the effects of Adams sin. What we have now in verses 12-21 is an extended comparison or contrast between Adam, the first man and the results of his Death-Dealing Sin and Christ the second man and His Life-Giving Gift of Grace. More simply put, this is a penetrating comparison between the effects of Adamís disobedience and the effects of Christís obedience. In fact, Williams translates that first phrase in verse 12, ďSo here is the comparison;Ē a comparison of Adam and Christ. Adam introduced sin and death into the world. Christ brought righteousness and Life. In fact, verses 18-19 summarize the whole comparison. These two men also sum up the message of Romans thus far as well. Adam stands for manís condemnation covered in 1:18-3:20 and Christ stands for the believerís justification covered in 3:21-5:11.

Adam and Christ illustrate the central theme of this theological portion of Paulís letter. In fact, theology is what the first eleven chapters are about and chapters 5-8 are the heart of Paulís theology. Theology is what we think about God. And itís so very important what we think about God because what you believe determines how you behave. You canít behave right because you donít believe right. So beginning with this comparison of Adam and Christ you need to begin nailing down some important beliefs because thatís how you will begin to reign in life through Christ Jesus. So, letís begin our comparison by thinking about:

I. Adamís Death-Dealing Sin verses 12-14

The first man on the face of the earth disobeyed God and led the entire human race in the wrong direction. Verse 12 reads ďSo then, just as sin entered the world through one man . . .Ē Just look at the devastating destruction done by the devilish deed of the initial individual, the first man Ė Adam! Sin entered the world by one man. It further describes Adamís Death-Dealing Sin in verse 14 as ďdeath reigned,Ē v.15 as ďthe many died,Ē v.16 as ĒJudgment followed one sin and brought condemnation,Ē v.18 as ďcondemnation for all men,Ē and v.19 as ďthe many were made sinners.Ē

Now, Adamís Death-Dealing Sin is named ďhamartia.Ē This Greek word