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A Dead Promise And A Living Anointing


Sermon shared by Philip Harrelson

January 2004
Summary: An amazing turn in the story of the child who was raised from the dead by Elisha’s prayer.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Audience: Believer adults
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of the years he had come to enjoy the friendship of this young man. But as one reads in 2 Kings 4:18, this young man went out one day to work with the reapers.

-There are times when everything goes on smoothly, and one day is like another. Again, there are times when changes come, and whole years of joy and sorrow may be concentrated into a single day. So it was in the house at Shunem. When Elisha came (v. 8) it was a joyous time. When the child was born (v. 17) it was a joyous time. But the most memorable of all those days was that day when the only son was lost and found; was dead, and received back to life again.

-It took no more than a moment for the brightest day to become suddenly clouded with disaster. The day was quickly darkened by sorrow and the shadow of death.

-There came a cry in the middle of innocent work in the field. Life was progressing well. Yet surrounded here seemingly in a safe environment trouble struck. Working in the simplicity and purity of the farm in the countryside a major problem occurred.

-The young man had left home that morning running full on life but was brought in from the fields nearly cold and lifeless.

-Only one complaint had issued from the young man’s mouth: My head, My head!!!

-The Bible tells us that her only child died. 2 Kings 4:21 states that even after the child died that her response was almost unfathomable in the moment of grief. But even in the midst of her trouble this woman was a great woman. This woman, great in her lot in life and also great in her ability to handle trouble.

-I ask you:

• Find the man who has walked across the hot Sahara desert, when you find him, you will find blisters on his feet.
• Find the man who has carried a burden of grief, when you find him, you will find his shoulders bent from his burden.
• Find the man who has sailed the seas in the great ships, when you find him, he will tell of the storms that he has weathered in life.

-There is no garden of comfort here in this world. Every garden of comfort soon finds that trouble will hitch up a muscular team of oxen and tear up and turn over the land with a burning plow of disaster.

-If we think that we can hoard our lives away from hurt and difficulty, we are only living in a pipe dream. Trouble forces it’s way into every man’s life regardless of where he sits.

-Suddenly the promise was dead.

• The promise had been alive last week.
• The promise had been well yesterday.
• The promise had appeared healthy at breakfast.
• The promise had walked into the fields.

-But now the promise was dead. The very light of this woman’s life was now dead. Now what she had gained from the Lord was gone. In the very budding of this young man’s life, all was suddenly lost.

-The severest problems may come. With their entry into our lives, the sudden visitation of a trial can change every plan and course of action that we may have. The place where reason and logic
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