A) Several years ago when our country was showing signs of economic instability, right in the
heart of the nation there was a pocket of prosperity!
* It was the booming city of Wichita, Kansas! * Unemployment rate was only 3% …….
* It had a $14 million city hall under construction and the board of education had just approved
a $30 million building program.
* Right in the midst of a nation plagued with economic problems, there was a pocket of prosperity!

B) What does our world need most as we exit 2006 and enter the new year 2007?
* Can I tell you that, what we need is pockets of spiritual prosperity!
* We need groups of dynamic believers scattered all over the place.
* We need colonies of heaven, living clean lives as children of God in a dark world full of people
who are “crooked and perverse” (morally corrupt), as Paul points out in v.15.

C) That’s the church … That’s the way it was meant to be and the world needs it to be!
* What will enable a body of believers to be this kind of church?
* Let me give you four things this morning that will help RLCC to become this kind of church …


A) A well known Christian motivator says there are two questions he asks as he comes to a
group to begin his work … “What do you want?” and “Where are your men?”
* What do we want as a church? * What are our goals? * What is our fulfillment through service?
* Ask Paul what did he want … Look at Phil. 3:10 “That I may know him, and the power …”

B) The way he put it, he wanted to know Jesus better!
* He doesn’t leave the impression that his desire was mild … It was a driving passion!
* It was knowing Christ at any price! * Now almost 20 centuries later, this is still where the action
is … There is no real spiritual life apart from Jesus Christ!

C) This is the day that Christians need to honor their vows!
* This is the day in which Christians need to let Christ be the center of their lives!
* This is the day in which Christians need to seek Him, the living Word in the written Word!
* This is the day that we should talk about Him … That should be something that comes natural!

D) We should share Him because He is the best we have!
* And it’s no surprise that if we do these things, our relationship will be alive.
* John explains it in John 1:4 “In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”
* John 10:10 “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it …”
* A pocket of spiritual prosperity will be found only when there are Christians who have a
consuming passion to know Jesus!


A) Paul was not only inwardly excited, he was outwardly motivated!
* His love reached out to others … And the reason is no secret …….
* Christ filled his heart with love for others.
* Paul practiced love in action … Love reaching out to others at a great cost to himself.

B) Love