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Ritchie L Ables

Todayís sermon will focus on the life of Joseph. The life of Joseph more closely parallels the life of Jesus Christ than anyone else in all of scripture.
We find numerous similarities between Joseph and Jesus, although scripture never actually states that he was a type of Christ. (a) Both were special
objects of a fatherís love (b) Both were hated and rejected by their brothers (c) In both cases brothers conspired to slay them (d) Joseph was in intent
put to death by his brothers, as Christ actually was put to death (e) The life of Joseph was resurrected to reconcile his brothers to himself, just as Christ
was resurrected to offer pardon and reconcile his brothers to himself.


Genesis 37 (Red Ribbon)

(A) Being chosen as an heir can lead to a pit - v.3

Through no doings on Josephís part was he the chosen heir to his Fatherís riches. Reuben, the eldest, had forfeited his right by incest. Simeon and Levi, next in order, were ruled out because of their violence at Shechem. Judah, the fourth son, was the next heir. Joseph, though eleventh in the line, was Jacobís firstborn by his favorite wife Rachel and his Fatherís pick, and so apparently sparked Judahís rival.

Church, let God start using someone and just watch how many people the devil stirs up against them.
When the Revival in Brownsville, Fla. first began a few years ago, it is reported that the Headquarters of the Assembly of God sent leaders to put a stamp of
approval on it. Church, you donít need a manís approval for Godís agenda. Paul said in one place that he didnít take time to confer with the Jerusalem
council... he simply obeyed God. (Galatians 1:16 - 17)

(B) Telling your dream to the wrong people can lead to a pit - v.5

Not everyone is going to be in tune with God as you are. Be careful who you share your dreams and visions with. Many times, God gives us a vision to accomplish and as soon as we share it and make it known... there are people waiting to oppose it and cause a strife against it. God tried twice in the past 25 years to move one of our churches to a more visible location
under two different pastors to no avail. The dreams were cast in a pit by those who oppose themselves (2 Timothy 2:25).

Also, when Christ began to reveal his mission with the disciples, Peter began to speak against the divine plan, and Jesus was moved to rebuke the voice of Satan speaking through Peter. Itís not enough to have good
intentions and be well meaning in your words and
actions... when your decision opposes the plan of God... you are in rebellion and in direct
insubordination to a move of God.

(C) Being obedient among jealous brethren can lead to a pit - v.11 - 20

Church, be watchful among your brothers and sisters, jealousy is cruel and has caused many hurtful divisions among Christian leadership and laity
alike. Mark 15:10 - For he knew that the chief