Dr. Wayne A. Lawson
Preached at Antioch Institutional Baptist Church
Oklahoma City, OK
Sunday, April 25, 2010

(I make no claim for the originality of this message. I first preached it about 22 years ago and could not locate the references. It was revised for this particular delivery)


As I prayed this past week and being lead of the Holy Spirit to this passage of scripture, I could not help but to think how many people in our church who might say, "I HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN CHURCH ALL MY LIFE, BUT I REALLY HAVEN’T HAD MUCH EXPERIENCE WITH GOD." Or someone might say, "I ONCE HAD AN EXPERIENCE WITH GOD, BUT I DON’T FEEL GOD ANYMORE. I COME TO CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY, SERVE ON COMMITTEES, AND EVEN TEACH IN SUNDAY SCHOOL, BUT I DON’T SEE, THAT IS TO SAY FEEL GOD VERY OFTEN. "

In our text this morning we find some help for those who have lost their focus. Can’t seem to feel God or see God in our spirit realm. We can get to the point in our spiritual walk where we begin to lose focus as Paul alluded to in I CORINTHIANS 13:12 “FOR NOW WE SEE THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY; BUT THEN FACE TO FACE: NOW I KNOW IN PART; BUT THEN SHALL I KNOW EVEN AS ALSO I AM KNOWN.”

Mark alone records this miracle of blind man from Bethsaida. Bethsaida not a far distant scene of miracle of the feeding of the 5,000. This miracle directly relates to Deaf Stammeror of Decapolis -- it was friends who brought both men to Jesus.
• Best thing we can do for our friends is to introduce them to Jesus
• That’s what Evangelism is all about
• Sometimes we simply need to bring our friends into relationship with Jesus

We are not told that this blind man believed anything or expected anything from the Lord at all. He seems to have come to the place where the Master was simply because his friends persuaded him to do so.
• What a blessed man he was to have such friends
• He did not know Christ - but his friends did
• He did not believe Christ - but his friends did
• He would never have come to Christ - but his friends brought him

After impartially touching this man Jesus was required to touch him again. I believe the Church today is like this blind man. We stand desperately in need of A Second Touch. Until we receive this second touch we will be OUT OF TOUCH - OUT OF FOCUS - CONFUSED. Second Touch able to move from SYMBOL TO SUBSTANCE - PRIDE TO POWER - INDEPENDENCE TO COOPERATION. This is the only Miracle recorded in New Testament where Jesus was required to touch his subject more than once to bring about a sufficient change.

In many instances no touch was needed at all. DAUGHTER OF CANNANITE WOMAN -- SERVANT OF ROMAN SOLDIER -- MAN WITH THE WITHERED HAND - 10 LEPERS - NOBLEMAN FROM CAPERNAUM WHSE SON WAS SICK. Other miracles required but one touch – other times