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A Spiritual Rain is Needed
Isaiah 5:6

- We will take a small leap forward and discuss Isa 3 and 4, with 5 as focus
- Chapter 3 continues with Isaiah speaking to the people to repent; change
- Isaiah warns in Chapter 3 of impending judgment on Judah and Jerusalem
- Consider the doom and gloom (read) in Isaiah 3:7-9, 16-17 and 24-26 …
- He speaks of God’s judgment removing people from their homes
- There will be much calamity in the land – but why? Why does God do this?
- Because God is just; Judgment will fall … because of our disobedience
- Just means “of moral excellence” and “indicating preciseness in action”
- Just: Free of favoritism – God is NO respecter of persons (Romans 2:11)
- Our disobedience leads to His just actions – consider a visit to the woodshed
- It’s not fun to discipline our children, but it is required – God view is the same

- Good news though – change is coming! We have access to peace; to relief
- Yet, peace must be delivered to us because we have no other way
- Restoration is from the Lord alone; and we must note this and pay attention
- We are not able to bring ourselves back to God; He must provide the route
- Isa 4:2-6 is actually a breath of fresh air and brings us comfort and hope

- So, this brings us to Chapter 5 tonight, which shows us we need rain (spiritual)
- We have to see, and take heed, that God’s Word is relevant to right now
- Is it not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when” that God will get His glory!
- Standard theme of Isaiah … that it ALL belongs to God … and He will speak
- Stand and read Isaiah 5:1-6 / Pray

Point 1 – What it Means
- A warning to the church and to its leaders of what may happen
- Ordinances celebrated, but without God’s blessing and commission
- Assemblies are gathered, but the Lord is not in the midst
- The Word is read, but with no application; ministers preach without power
- Formality of prayer is maintained and performed; but w/o crying out to God
- What’s the reality: The Holy Ghost is restrained – even grieved against
- This is often the case in our world; and we must prevent this at all costs
- There is no necessary connection between outward ordinances and grace
- The clouds, which are given to us for rain, are ordered not to rain by God
- APP: We will see the clouds; but no rain – we’ll look like church; but no grace

Point 2 – What it Involves
- No conversions because the Spirit of the Lord is not involved in the church
- No restorations of backsliders; withered plants have no life without rain
- No refreshing of the weary; comfort and strength only come from grace of God
- No spiritual activities’ luke-warmness reigns supreme … “God is convenient”
- Rev 3:16 – “So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor