Exodus 14:13-16, 21-22 Joshua 24:6-7

Exodus is the second book of the Old Testament: tells of the departure of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt led by Moses into the promised land that God had promised them. God picked a people, Israel, and told them that he had a land for them, a place they could call home; then he walked them through their journey from slavery to the promised land. The Exodus speaks of this long and tedious journey, the trials and tribulations, the tests and temptations of God’s people as they made their way from a no where to somewhere.

The church’s journey and experience can be paralleled with that of Israel’s. The church is a select group of people, the ecclessia, who the Lord has chosen and place his spirit in. The church is the body of Christ, the bride of christ; the chosen generation, royal priesthood, and holy nation; the people of God. And. God has a place for his people and leads them to it through many experiences. Can you see the similarities?

Theologians, Bible Scholars and Archeologists suggest that the trip from Egypt to Canaan took more than 40 years and included about 50 different stops along the way, including 7 different wildernesses. One of those stops or experiences Israel had and the one that we are very familiar with is the miraculous crossing at the Red Sea. The 24th chapter of Joshua is a summary of Israel’s history; where they had been and a reminder of what the Lord had done for them. Joshua 24:6-7 captures that part of Israel’s history where God made a way for them to escape the pursuing Egyptian army as they were making their Exodus from Egypt to the promised land. Joshua told them to remember what the Lord did for them on that day. They saw God deliver them on that day at the Red Sea.


In the Exodus 14 text before us we can see that the children of Israel are in grave danger. Pharoah had released them from bondage but then changed his mind Pharoah and was actively pursuing them. The location somewhere in Saudi Arabia according to some archeologist was a gulf, known as the Red Sea. The text says that the Red Sea was in front of them, sweltering mountains on both sides and the Egyptian army coming in from behind. A no win situation. It looks like there is no way out. They have no where to go; they are boxed in. They cannot turn around because the enemy is there; they cannot move forward because the Red Sea is there; they cannot go to the right or left because there are mountains there. Anybody every been in a no way out situation? No matter what comes to mind, there seems to be no way out. You cannot see any way possible to get out of the mess you are in...

Don’t cry, speak a word. Did you catch that? Stop whining, complaining and crying about your situation and start speaking what you know. God told Moses to speak to the Israelites in 14:2 about where they were to encamp; in 14: