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* In the days of Elijah and Elisha in Israel, the principle prophets of God gathered about them a
group of Godís workers called "the sons of the prophets."
* One of these "sons of the prophets" died leaving debts and the creditor harassed the widow,
seeking to sell her two sons as bondservants to pay the debt.
* The thrilling story of how God heard the cry of this poor widow is a blessing to our lives!
* Note with me a few things in this message tonight!

* Now, here in Israel this "son of the prophets" died in debt - v.1
A) He brought heartache to his wife & almost brought slavery to his sons by having debts unpaid.
* The widow was utterly heartbroken! * She grieved over her dead husband,
* No doubt she grieved over the unpaid debts as any godly woman would do!
* And she was nearly frantic that the pitiless creditor was about to take her 2 sons into bondage.
B) So in desperation, she cried unto Elisha in v.1 "Thy servant my husband is dead ......."
* Godís faithful prophet Elisha had a remedy which God showed him!
* Thank God there is always a way out for a child of God if we go to God & trust Him!
C) Who could be more helpless than such a poor widow in Bible times?
* She had no trade, she couldnít teach school nor be a secretary as modern women can.
* She had her children to care for, had no money to live on & was faced with disaster!
* You talking about somebody being at the end of their rope, brother she was!
D) But she came to God through His prophet and God showed the way out!
* Let us remember that when trouble comes, the thing to do is come to God!
* Ps.50:15 "And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me."
* God loves us; He always has plenty; He always knows a way out!

* Elisha said to the poor widow, "What shall I do for thee? tell me, what hast thou in the house?"
* In other words, whatever you have in the house is enough for God!
A) If itís nothing but a pot of oil, God can multiply the oil!
* If itís only a handful of meal in the bottom of the barrel, God can make it last to feed Elijah and
a woman and her son until the drought is passed - 1 Kings 17:8-16
* If there are only 5 small barley biscuits & 2 fishes in a little ladís lunch, when Jesus blesses it,
and breaks it, itíll be enough for 5000 people!
B) God said to Moses, "What is that in thine hand?" and Moses said, "A rod."
* But that stick became the "rod of God" that could bring plagues upon all of Egypt,
* That could become a serpent before Pharaoh, that could open or close the Red Sea,
* That could bring water out of a rock for millions of people!
C) Samson took the jawbone of an ass & killed 1000 Philistines, the enemies of Israel.
* Itís wonderful to come to realize that God is the Master of circumstances!

* I asked someone
Kim Seeber
September 17, 2011
What a Word from God. Thank you for you''re faithfulness.
Your message is encouraging and powerful,specially in this time of crisis, keep it up brother we need someone like you in the body of Christ.
Phillip Connell
January 28, 2009
In this time of economic uncertainty, we all need some encouragment. We are God''s vessel, but perhaps many of us have forgotten how to feed properly. We must strain out the world and listen to the voice of God who gives hope in all circumstances. Jeremiah 29:11
Very helpful. I have the privelge to speak in my friends church (Baptist), of which I am non-denominational...anyway, as the pastor of a 2pt charge, one church is rebellious and the other is struggling. I appreciate this sermon and the helpful insight and remeberance I have recieved from it as it has inspired my sermon to a people in need of some miracle encouragement. Thank you and be richly blessed.
Robert Wright
February 18, 2007
good message thanks