A. TRUE FRIENDSHIP HAS A COMMITING HEART v10,Ē ďNo they said to her. ďWe will go with you to your people.

1. From verses 1-10 Naomi is in the worst of times she is a widow and back in those days widows where not considered or no longer welcomed in the community Naomiís sons later had died there names where Mahlon Chilion. Naomiís in a desperate crises but she tries to encourage Oprah and Ruth to stay in Moab and find husbands because they where still young and they would not have to face poverty they would have security.

2. Now Oprah decides to go on, but Ruth however decides to stay with Naomi, Naomi is shocked dumbfounded she does not understand this at all in verse 16 Ruthís replay was Do not persuade me to leave you. A true friend is one who is whiling to put there goals and sacrifice there wants to help that individual in desperate situations A true friend will always hold you up.


1. Naomi is about to give up sheís even a little bitter Orpah has gone back to her people and she has tried to do the same to Ruth, but itís not working very well Ruth does not want to leave Naomi losing sight of her relationship with God and with Ruth. In our lives when we face the tribulations of trails and those waves of storms youíve got to remember that God welcomes your honest prayers be careful not to over look the love, the resources that he can provide for you and even your church. A lot of times in prayer meetings we can become fearful of mentioning our prayer concerns people donít have know the details they can be referred as unspoken.

2. 2nd be careful about bitterness and anger donít allow these 2 emotions to rob your sight on God and his resources. But yet itís very easy sometimes when you begin to lose sight itís here in these moments that the world is sinking down on you. God understands heís been in those situations. Sometimes you can feel Heís presents just holding out his hand waiting to pick you back up again. Itís in these moments that Godís Grace can give you comfort not just in His word but in the Old Hymns Oh what a friend we have in Jesus. But how blessed it is when that true friend can come beside you and hug you and say hey itís going to be all right Iím here to comfort you. I recall recently Candyís father was in the hospital with open heart surgery and even though it was a long day I knew that God wanted me to be there to provide comfort to Candy and her family.