Intro: years ago my parents tried to get me to eat pecan pie, but I didnít like it. Through the years it was always the same, I didnít like it. But after trying it a few different times, I said, well, itís all right. Over the years it has become one of my favorite desserts, it was an acquired taste. Many people have tried God, to serve Jesus, to read Godís word, only to give up after a short time. They say, I canít understand the bible, or I canít live the life, or going to church, or hearing a sermon is boring. Tonight, I would like to present that living for God is an acquired appetite. It isnít natural, it cuts against the flesh. You must cultivate this spiritual appetite.

Acquiring a Spiritual Appetite
Matthew 16:21-25
Background: Peter enjoyed the notoriety of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, the miracles, the great teachings, the multitudes following after them. It all appealed to his flesh, his appetite for fleshly recognition. But when Jesus turned the table and started talking about suffering, going to a cross, being rejected and humiliated, Peter rebuked him. Jesus then said, you have the wrong appetite; you savor the things of man, not the things of God. Tonight letís look at how we can acquire a spiritual appetite.

How do we acquire spiritual appetites?

1. Denial of Worldly, Fleshly appetitesóv.24
a. before you can acquire a spiritual appetite, you must lose your appetites for the world. Light canít abide with darkness, Christ and Belial can co-exist in the same vessel. You will love the one and hate the other, or hate the one and cling to the other.
b. Conquering and over-coming is a battle that goes on daily. Paul said he died daily. Your victory over the flesh is essential for the development of spiritual desire.
c. Knitted inóas things have been knitted into your flesh, they must be pulled out, purged out, and sometimes that stings. It took time to get them in, and it may be a struggle in the process of overcoming.

2. ProcessóI Samuel 2:26 and the child Samuel grewó
a. you donít go from a spiritual baby to a spiritual giant over-nightóin the kingdom of Christ there are no over-night sensations.
b. Jesus didnít start full time ministry until he was 30, the disciples trained for 3 years before they were released to full apostleship. God will always test your faithfulness in small things before He grants you the opportunity to be faithful over much.
c. Peter thought he had completed the process and failed miserably. We probably wonít fully arrive, until we arrive in heaven.

3. CultivationóActs 17:11óthey were more noble, they received the word with all readiness and searched the scriptures daily.

a. You need to miracle grow your seeds. You canít expect an appetite for God just to take place, worship, prayer, the word of God must be a vital part of your life for appetite to grow.
b. If you see someone growing rapidly in the things of God, you can know for a fact, they have a high powered