Am I ready to do what God called me to do?
Ex. 2:1-4:31
Are you ready for God to use you? What me? You are kidding? Yeah you! God wants to bless the world, not damn the world, and he wants you to be part of that blessing and through you to make it so. You may say, look, I am really nothing to sneeze at. God use me? Actually, if someone was to sneeze at me I might faint. I am just an ordinary fella with lots of hang-ups and a lousy resume to boot. On a scale of a mouse to a lion, Iíd say I am leaning more to the mouse than a lion. You say I wish I had that strong Arnold Schwazernegger type presence, confidence of a late night show host, and be cute as a button, then I will be okay. God canít seriously want me to be on a mission for him, to do anything, Iíll be a big time flop, guaranteed! I trust as we look into Godís word today we can be encouraged to have a change of heart and to pursue Godís call to receive His blessing and become an agent of blessing for a world that desperately needs some good news.
Last week in Exodus 1 we heard that Godís will is to bless the world as He said in Genesis 12:1-3 did not stop with the deaths of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We saw how Godís people prospered in spite of the trials and dangerous moments of near starvation in the story of Joseph because of Godís covenant blessing.
However what was intended by God to be a blessing turned out to be a source of fear. Remember the famine that struck that part of the world, youíll recall it had no effect on Egypt. All because of Godís will to effect blessing through Abrahamís descendant, Joseph. There was no economic recession or depression. In fact, the Egyptians were checking out the latest in architectural design, chariot technology, food storage. They were as hi-tech as you can get, enjoying fantastic cultural renaissance. We know this from archaeology. But in Ex.2 we found out ... Rather than enjoying the fruit of such economic wealth, perhaps getting the best bang for the Egyptian buck, the obviously spoilt rotten king of Egypt, cursed the people who brought wealth to his nation and brought slavery into view. Apparently, this Pharaoh knew nothing of Joseph and the God of Joseph who blessed Egypt and caused that nation to prosper. Canít blame him, I guess, 400 years has passed since Josephís time in Ex.2. Would you be looking up dusty 400 year old history when you are enjoying the hi-tech life? As you know, this Pharaoh didnít have Wikipedia at his fingertips. From the safety of his ornate palace, without God and the memory of Godís blessing through Joseph, the contest between Pharaoh and God begins. How will God continue to stick up for His chosen people then in these dark oppressive times?
I am quite sure, as a result of slavery, the Israelites who rather stay home more in order to not get in the way of any of the bullying Egyptians, and very likely being tired out from the forced labor, along with it add the needed extra TLC to soothe the wounds and achy