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He had shown them without question that all the promises of God in Him are yea and amen. . And as the shouts of praise went up the walls fell down flat.

I don't know who I am preaching to but somebody in here needs some walls to fall down in their lives you've been making progress by living in the Spirit, you've been making progress by praying in the Spirit, you've been believing the Word of God and advancing in spiritual victory but now it seems you have come up against a wall.
Walls - symbolize Barries,Obstacles,Limitations,Unbelief.
You may feel like your up against a barrier like something is hindering you or an obstacle that is in your way and preventing you from making progress as a matter of fact the conditions say you are limited but it's time to shout unto the Lord for your walls to come down. The walls of unbelief, the walls of fear, the walls that are hindering you from you into your promised land. Look at your neighbour and tell them," Your Deliverance Is In Your Praise." I dare you to shout now like you’ve got the victory right now.I dare you to start praising God like you going crazy.You don’t have to wait for the battle to be over. You can shout right now. It's time to confuse the enemy he don't even know whats getting ready to happen but he will see the ending of your story so praise God in Advance.

An Advance praise will Praise God despite what ever comes to try and destroy you.
An Advance Praise will Praise God for the victory that has already been won.And since, the battle is the Lord's I already know that I have the victory. So I will praise him in advance.We need to learn that when we praise God, He inhabits our praise.Praise Him before the trouble comes. When we learn how to praise him before trouble comes we worry less. When we learn how to praise him before trouble comes we will not have sleepless nights. When we learn how to praise him before the trouble comes our heads won’t be racked with pain, because there is no problem too hard for God. In the times of trouble, when it seem like nothing is going right. When it seems like all hope is gone. How many times have you found yourself at the crossroad of I don’t know what to do but when you have an advance praise what happens where God is concerned is that, the relationship that you have on the inside of you with God. The Holy Ghost will begin to reveal to you that in the time of trouble, That God promises to be a very present help in the time of trouble. Since God's promises are good. He is not like a man that he should not lie. So, if you establish relationship and praise him before the dark days comes he is right there. Somebody is going through something and you can’t find anything to shout about. By the POWER of God and the gift of the Holy Ghost I come to deliver the mail to you and let you know that God is getting ready to break the devil off of your back. I here in my spirit, that the people of God will not live a defeated