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An Attitude Of Gratitude

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Nov 19, 2001

Summary: The powerful lesson of gratefulness as taught in the account of the 10 lepers.


Two men were walking through a field one day when they spotted an enraged bull. Instantly they darted toward the nearest fence. The storming bull followed in hot pursuit, and it was soon apparent they wouldn’t make it. Terrified, the one shouted to the other, "Put up a prayer, John. We’re in for it!" John answered, "I can’t. I’ve never made a public prayer in my life." "But you must!" implored his companion. "The bull is catching up to us." "All right," panted John, "I’ll say the only prayer I know, the one my father used to repeat at the table: ’O Lord, for what we are about to receive, make us truly thankful.’"

If there is one sin that most prevalent today, it is the sin of ingratitude. God does so much for us. Our indebtedness to him is enormous and yet we rarely or at least infrequently offer thanks for what he has done. In fact, most professing Christians don’t even offer thanks over their meals much less offer thanks over all that God does in their lives. We are much like the little boy who was given an orange by a man. The boy’s mother asked, “What do you say to the nice man?” The little boy thought and handed the orange back and said, “Peel it.”

For a child of God thankfulness is not confined to a day or a season, it is an attitude that we should have everyday and every hour.

To magnify this point I want us to examine the account of the ten lepers in Luke’s Gospel and see some important truths concerning an attitude of gratitude.


I. The Position Of All!

Look at verses 11 and 12. “And it came to pass, as he went to Jerusalem, that he passed through the midst of Samaria and Galilee. And as he entered into a certain village, there met him ten men that were lepers, which stood afar off:”

We see here the position of the lepers. Firstly,

· They Were In An Awful Position- Luke says here they stood afar off. The disease of lepercy was a painful disease but the physical pain was not the most terrible part of the disorder. Lepers were separated. They were shut out and cast off. It seems here that these lepers were shut out to an area away from everyone else. They were shut out from their Family. No one knows how long it had been since they had felt the touch of their wife or the kiss of their children. They were shut out from their Friends. Friends no longer came over or invited them to go somewhere with them. They were shut out from Fellowship of the church. Notice that Jesus on his way to Jerusalem entered into a certain village and there met the lepers. The religious crowd had no room for these leprous men. But most awful, they were shut out from the Father. Here is Jesus, the only way to the Father, and they stood afar off from him. Sinners are not near God, they are afar off. And they cannot and will not draw near on their own. Do you know what kept them at a distance? The Law. The law shut them out. The law set forth the conduct of lepers. The law said when you pass one, pass on the other side and cry out Unclean! Unclean! Sin puts us in an awful position. And they were all in this awful position.

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Samuel Olumoko avatar
Samuel Olumoko
0 days ago
great sermon
Daniel Mendoza avatar
Daniel Mendoza
0 days ago
Awesome sermon. A sermon from the heart. Thanks for your sensitivity to the Spirit.
Charles  Scott avatar
Charles Scott
0 days ago
Thank you for pointing out the question: where are the other nine? This prompted thoughts of how to move my people past complacency to service.
James Muriithi avatar
James Muriithi
0 days ago
Thanks pastor . Great teaching. James, Kenya
Enrique Romero avatar
Enrique Romero
0 days ago
thanks very nice sermon
Greg Whitaker avatar
Greg Whitaker
0 days ago
Good insights. Thanks for sharing!
Adriaan Pitoy avatar
Adriaan Pitoy
0 days ago
Yes, the leppers was physically, socially and spiritually healed, but only one of them was aware of spiritually healing.
Byron Martin avatar
Byron Martin
0 days ago
Great sermon. I appreciate you sharing it with us. Byron in Maryland
Rajeev Lambert avatar
Rajeev Lambert
0 days ago
brother micheal its really awonderfull sermon and i am going to preach it in jabalpur city india once again thankyou and God bless you
Billy Don Johnson avatar
Billy Don Johnson
0 days ago
Very thought provoking conclusion. Thank you for sharing a great sermon

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