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Islington Baptist Church May 14, 2000
Genesis 2:18-25

Iíve entitled todayís sermon ďAnd God created womanĒ for today you and I are going to consider Eveís creation. What better day for us than on Motherís Day, for Eve is the great grandmother of us all. Eve was the first mother.

As we consider Eveís creation we will answer the question ďWhy was she createdĒ and secondly we will consider Godís blueprint for marriage: For our text indicates that Adam and Eve were married by God.

READ TEXT v.18-25

Note: The first 5 books of the Bible were written down by Moses. Not his words. Godís words, for as II Peter 1:21 says ďFor prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy SpiritĒ

Note: We are going to be considering the creation account recorded in Genesis ch.2 today; not Genesis ch.1. As you may know Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 both give an account of our origins. Each account must be treated separately and as the readers we must understand that they are NOT contradictory but complementary. By way of example or parallel I refer you to when you and I study the life of Christ as recorded in the Gospels. As we study those books were find ourselves reading 4 accounts of Jesusí life. These accounts differ in detail for a variety of reasons but in all cases the accounts are complementary and NOT contradictory. We must treat and understand Gen.1 and Gen. 2 in the same light as we do the 4 Gospels. The 2 creation accounts are complementary, NOT contradictory. The 2 creation accounts serve different purposes and just as we donít jumble/merge/unite all the details of the 4 Gospels together, so when you and I consider Genesis 1 and 2, we are not to do the same either; if we did we would not be able to understand the unique purposes for why they were written down as such.



Verse 18 gives us our answer.

2 reasons 1. The man is alone and thatís not good 2. Heís in need of a suitable helper

1. The man was alone and that wasnít good.

God created us to be in meaningful relationships with other people. When we arenít: loneliness sets in.

There are lots and lots of lonely people out there. A lack of a significant relationship with another person often results in loneliness. The problem for us is that we also get hurt in relationships. These hurts cause us to detach from others so that we can protect ourselves. The problem is that when a person detachís they also cut themselves off from healthy relationships to. We get hurt in relationships, we also can get healed in relationships.

Adam was all alone. Sure, God was with him and there were all the animals. Yet he was all alone. His work only served to accentuate his aloneness. Part of his work was to name the animals, but in that process it became obvious that none of those creatures