Where are you at in your relationship with Jesus?
-Today relationships are very problematic
-No one wants to make a commitment
-Women and men have different views of a relationship
-Women want to be married and raise families for the most part
-Men want sex and they get it too readily these days from women that
must give sex to get into a relationship that will lead to marriage and
a family
-Men no longer have to wait for marriage to have sex. It’s readily
available from willing participants
-Careers get in the way,
-People feel the urgent need to make a lot of money as soon as
they can.
-Fun gets in the way,
-People buy-in to the TV version of life
-Be a wise guy and a slacker in school and you’ll be recognized
and rewarded for your strong sense of individuality.
-Bright students are objects of derision and scorn because they
are not “cool”. They do not know how to have fun.
-Oral sex is just as common as a good night kiss.
-There are a lot of pressures to stay out of relationships today.

-Are you treating Jesus as a date or are you treating Him as a bride treats her groom.
Matthew 25:6"And at midnight a cry was heard: "Behold, the bridegroom is coming, go out to meet Him!’

-Let’s test this relationship you have with Jesus.
-On a date
-You dress up nicely until the date is over
-In a relationship with Jesus
-You know He is there wherever you are so He sees you as you really are
without the Sunday got to meeting clothes
-On a date,
-You meet at an appointed time and then spend some time together
-Sunday 10am?
-In a relationship with Jesus
-He is there at all times not just Sunday mornings and you can talk to Him
whenever you want.
-On a date
-You make polite conversation. Nothing deep, just polite quiet talk
-In a relationship with Jesus
-When you talk with Him it will be about soul-deep issues of life, death and
-On a date
-Nothing is expected of you and you expect nothing in return
-In a relationship with Jesus
-Everything is expected of you.
-You must make the commitment to Him and to Him alone,
(Psalm 81:9; There shall be no foreign god among you and you
shall not worship any foreign god)
-On a date
-You are not committed to Him and may even be seeing others
-In a relationship with Jesus
(Exodus 20:3, You shall have no other god’s before me).
-On a date
-You may or may not want to see that person again
-In a relationship with Jesus
(Amos 8:1, “Behold, The days are coming,” Says the Lord God,”
That I will send a famine on the land. Not a famine of bread or a
Thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.)
-On a date
-Your priorities are what you want
-In a relationship with Jesus
-You must make Him the top priority in your life
-On a date
-You might ruminate on the nice evening you spent with Him
-In a relationship with Jesus
-You must spend all of