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Are You Ready?

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Feb 2, 2003

Summary: When Jesus comes, we must be found prepared and alert.

ARE YOU READY? Matt.25:1-13


A. Matt.25 - Parable that stresses importance of being ready for the Return of Jesus

1. Jesus IS coming back, and when he returns will he find you awake and alert or sleeping and slumbering?

2. This is the BIG question from this parable.

B. Satan wants us to be unprepared for the Lord’s Coming

1. Wants us to become so lazy, lukewarm and laid-back that we forget.

2. Or we can get so busy and so distracted that we no longer think of it.



A. The wise

1. Those prepared for the Bridegroom’s coming with an abundant supply of oil.

2. They believed that he was coming back and took action.

B. The Foolish

1. They were foolish because they didn’t bother getting enough oil.

2. They believed they had plenty of time and took no action.

C. Both groups went to sleep

1. For the wise, this was fine, since they were ready.

2. For the foolish, this was fatal, since they weren’t ready, and didn’t know

how little or much time they had.

3. Prov.27:1 - Boast not about tomorrow, for we don’t know what it will hold.

4. Before you go to sleep each night, make sure things are right with God.


A. The Bridegroom would come at an unexpected hour

1. This was his prerogative. He could choose when to appear and the

wedding would begin.

2. Opposite of what we see today, when it is the Bride who keeps everyone


B. We are waiting for Christ, our Bridegroom to return

1. He has promised he will - John 14:1-3

2. When he comes, it will be as a thief in the night, and every eye will see him

I Thess.5:2; Rev.1:8

3. This is why every Christian should assemble around the Lords Table - show forth the Lord’s death until he comes - I Cor.11:26


A. The Door was shut

1. Before he came the door was open, and the opportunity to enter in

2. But once the Bridegroom arrived, it was closed shut, never to open again to any outsiders.

B. Notice three things here:

1. Belated request - LORD, LORD OPEN TO US

2. Bewildering response - I KNOW YOU NOT

3. Bitter remorse - DOOR WAS SHUT

C. Who is the Door?

1. Jesus Christ is the Door Jn.10:9

2. Today He stands at the door and knocks - Rev.3:20; Isa.55:6

3. Do you near him knocking and will you answer Him today? Isa.55:6


How can we prepare and not make the same mistake as the sleeping virgins?

A. Watch your character - II Cor.7:1

B. Watch your commitment - Rom.12:1-2 (Caleb - Deut.1:36)

C. Watch your companions - II Cor.6:17

1. You are known by your associations

2. Don’t be caught in the wrong crowd when Jesus comes.

Take Time for God! Eccl.12:1


1. Today, are you awake, and how is your supply of oil?

2. Don’t depend on past experiences or blessings. What about now?

3. Jesus is coming - lets get ready and stay ready

4. When the Bridegroom cometh, will your robes be white?

5. Time to look up...around....within, and prepare for the great day that is coming! John 5:28-29

6. Be baptized into Christ today, or come back to be renewed, revived and restored. (Acts 2:38)

Talk about it...

So, what did you think?

Thank you.