ďAre you ready to be BlessedĒ

ďThe Jabbok ExperienceĒ

Gen. 32:22-32

Are you ready to be blessed? This may seem like a rhetorical question because there isnít anyone that doesnít want to be blessed. If you donít believe that just stop for a moment and listen around Christiandom. Everyone is saying the Jabez Prayer Ė ďLord Bless me indeed, enlarge my territory, and give me increase. However everyone, regardless how they may think, isnít ready to be blessed. Someone may want God to bless them with 100 million dollars today, but canít manage the 500 they get every payday yet, they are not ready for that blessing. Someone may want the big expensive Mercedes, but canít afford to maintain the little Geo they have right now, they are not ready to be blessed. Someone else may want God to bless them with that $300,000 dollar home, yet they struggle to pay the $400.00 rent in the apartment they have right now, they are not ready to be blessed.

I used those analogies because naturally we are a sensory being. This simply means that we experience things in life and give definition to things in this life based upon the identification of those things by one or more of our senses Ė sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

We are so in-touch with the sensory nature of ourselves that we say things like
ē If I can see it then Iíll believe it.
ē If I can hear it then Iíll understand it
ē If I can smell it then Iíll know something is being done
ē If I can taste it then Iíll know it is good
ē If I can touch it then Iíll know it is real

Sadly oftentimes in ones spiritual life we base the fact that we are blesses upon fleshly senses.

ē Because I see the nice car in the driveway Iím blessed
ē Because I feel the name-brand clothes on my back Iím blessed
ē Because I can eat Lobster and Steak Iím blessed
ē Because I have x amount of $$$$$$ in the bank Iím blessed

However itís not about the car I drive, itís not about the clothes I wear, itís not about the money I have in the bank, but itís about who God is and what God has done that constitutes I am blessed.

There is a travesty that is taking place in Christiandom and it is this travesty that people are spiritually destroyed. The Bible says in Hosea 4:6 ďMy people are destroyed for lack of knowledgeĒ. We lack the understanding of the word BLESSED. We use the term so matter of factly that it has become just a casual greeting or nice good-bye.

For example: 2 people see each-other 1 say to the other how are you, the other one replies Iím blessed after a moment or two the conversation ends like this, well have a blessed and they go their merry way. They havenít given any thought to what they had just said. It has become part of a normal conversation.

But Iíve come to find out that the word BLESSED is more than a sensory reaction, itís more than a bank account, itís more than an extravagant lifestyle, and itís more than a casual greeting.

The word BLESSED means to be