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At Thy Word (Peter)

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Jul 13, 2002
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: Adults

Summary: If we would only trust God like Peter did and obey Him at His Word.

At Thy Word

Luke 5:1-7

Intro: Luke 5:1-7

-I often have people who come to me for advice.

-Usually it’s to try and fix the problems that are in

their life.

-They are usually a mess because they have made bad choices.

--God’s lets us choose.

--We do not choose the consequences.

-Many of them profess to be believers

-Many have recently come back to the Lord.

-Many want to do the right thing NOW.

--If they had only obeyed the Lord in the first place

--Most of them knew what God says in His Word.

--Yet they knowingly disobeyed God and wonder why they are in the mess they are in.

-Jesus said to them…Matthew 7:22-29

-Look at the choices Peter made…..

Tell Story Luke 5:1-7

-Jesus had begun his ministry in Galilee

-He was on the north side of the Sea of Galilee.

-This was the first time the Jesus and Peter meet.

-Peter and the other fishermen where cleaning their nets.

-This had to be shortly after dawn…in the morning. Vs 2

-Because of the crowd, Jesus asked to use one of the boats and from there He taught the people. Vs 3

-Then Jesus says those magic words…Let’s go fishing.

1. Peter’s dilemma.

-It was the wrong time to go fishing…

--They fished at night.

--I wonder if Peter looked around to see what his friends would say about this.

--"Don’t listen to him…"

--"Wait till the time is right".

-How many do not obey the Word of God, because it doesn’t fit into their timing.

--He had to go against His past experience.

--Experience told him there would be no success.

--He may have tried to go out during the day before.

--Experienced fisherman knew you did not go during the day.

-How many refuse to obey God’s word saying…it won’t work based on their experiences in the world.

--the source of mocking and ridicule.

--based on what they think will happen.

-The circumstances were not right.

--It was the wrong time of day.

--He had to be tired by now…no sleep.

--People were watching him make this decision.

--Experienced fishermen were watching.

--Believers were watching too.

--There circumstances were just not right to go fishing.

-How many have said…the circumstances are not right to obey the Word of God.

--“Well, you don’t understand.”

--“When I get straightened out…”

--“When I’m done with my sin.”

--“When the circumstance are different.”

-His fear of failure entered His decision.

--Fear of embarrassment. Vs 5

--Fear of failure. (caught nothing)

--Fear of what the other fishermen might say.


2. Peter’s decision.

-Peter could have been guided by his…

--His friends.

--His experience

--His circumstances

--Or by his fears.


--Because you said so…

--He trusted the Lord, not knowing what would happen.

-God wants us to just trust Him, He will take care of

the rest.

--He simply obeyed the Word of God.

-He let down the net.

-The results of obedience.

-They caught a “GREAT MULTITUDE”

--The nets broke…had to be fixed again.

--no guarantees of it being easy

---They had to get help.

----The ships were so full of fish they began to sink.

---This meant that they would have all their needs met.

3. Peter’s Devotion

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