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God answers prayer. Let there be no doubt about that. God
answers prayer. God responds to what His people ask. So
it has often been said that you had better be careful what you
pray for, because you just might get it!

There is something awesome, something even dangerous
about prayer. When we pray, we are in touch with God’s
power. When we pray, we are connecting our wills with the
one who holds all things in the palm of His hand and whose
mind understands it all. And so our prayers had better not
be the idle ramblings of a confused spirit. Our prayers had
better not be the unexamined ravings of a troubled heart.
We could do damage that way. We could cause harm. Be
careful what you pray for; you might get it!

Have you heard the story about the guy who rubbed a genie
lamp, and out came the genie, who announced that she
would grant three wishes? Astounded by the thought of
having anything he wanted, he tested it out and said, “Well, I
wish for a shiny new convertible, with all the gadgets.” And
poof! There it was, big, shiny, red, four-on-the-floor, with
stereo speakers and quadraphonic sound (I have no idea
what that means, but that’s what all the ads say, so it must
be good stuff!) – a new convertible, BMW or Mercedes or
whatever it is that’s going now. I’m not familiar with all those
brands, but let’s just say it was not a sawed-off version of my
Plymouth Horizon. “Wow, he said; it works! I can actually
get what I wish. All right, a second wish. My second wish is
that in the front seat, next to me, there would be a pretty girl,
and that in the back seat there would be a suitcase full of
cash.” And so again, poof! In the front seat of his car, a
lovely young thing, giving him the come-on; and in the back
seat, a huge suitcase with hundred-dollar bills sticking out
here and there. “This is fabulous! This is fantastic! Wow”.
But then the genie reminded him. “That’s two wishes. You
have one more. But only one. Be careful with your
remaining wish.” The guy said, “Right. I do need to be
careful. I need to think about this for a few moments.” And
so he got in the car, started it up, smiled at the lovely lady.
As he raced down the road, so happy, he snapped on the
radio, and began to sing along with what was playing, “Oh, I
wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener.”

Be careful what you ask for; you might get it. And the
consequences could be tremendous. Be careful what you
pray for. You are in touch with power. And you just might
get it.

Let me offer this proposition -- that when we pray, we pray
either out of fear or out of hope. There are only two motives
for prayer. Either we pray motivated by fear or we pray
moved by hope. That’s all. Only two motives for prayer, fear
or hope.

When we pray out of fear, we are afraid of what might
happen, we are afraid of what is going on, or we are
insecure. Praying out of fear is perfectly normal sometimes.