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TEXT: ACTS 13:13-43 (Read with points)


INTRODUCTION: A. Andor Foldes was a great Hungarian concert pianist. He once recounted a kiss that
changed his life. He was 16 years old, and feeling very low because of an ongoing
conflict with his piano teacher, when Emil von Sauer visited Budapest. von Sauer was
a famous pianist, and the last surviving pupil of the another famous pianist: Franz
Von Sauer asked Foldes to play for him. A very anxious Foldes performed some of
the most difficult works of Bach, Beethoven and Schumann. When he had finished he
nervously awaited the great master’s response. Von Sauer got up from his chair,
walked over to Foldes, kissed him on the forehead and said, "My son, when I was
your age I became a student of Liszt. He kissed me on the forehead after my first
lesson, saying, ’Take good care of this kiss - it comes from Beethoven, who gave it me
after hearing me play.’ I have waited for years to pass on this sacred heritage, but now
I feel you deserve it." It was that kiss that changed Foldes life, and spurred him to
continue with his piano studies and playing even through the darkest periods of his life

B. Many of you are going through distressing times:
1. You’re facing health problems and physical disabilities

2. Some are facing problems concerning children or other family members

3. Others have lost a loved one in the recent past

4. Some maybe having a difficult time at work

5. Some maybe having a difficult time finding work

6. Maybe someone has wronged you

7. Maybe someone thinks you have wronged them

C. When you continue to have to fight against these kinds of problems; when your life is
constantly bombarded with difficulty it is common to suffer discouragement and
1. Depression is considered the #1 health problem in the US today