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INTRO.- Whoís your favorite Hollywood actor? Actress? Would you want to be like him or her?

Today, I wouldnít want to be like any Hollywood actor, but when I was a kid I wanted to be like Leonard Slye. Whoís that? The king of the cowboys, Roy Rogers. He was one of the good guys, one of the good cowboys: handsome, could shoot, ride and fight. He was also a good singer, but of course, I really didnít care about singing. I just wanted to be able to shoot and ride well!

He was born November 15, 1911 as Leonard Frank Slye, in Cincinnati Ohio; the son of Mattie and Andy Slye. His youth was steeped in poverty. His father worked in a shoe factory. The house he was born in was later destroyed to make way for Riverfront Stadium, (the home of the Cincinnati Reds). in fact Roy often joked that he was born right where second base was located. Roy died on July 6, 1998 at age 86.

In 1943 Roy was voted the #1 Western star at the box office, and Republic began billing him as the King of the Cowboys.

In 1944, a lovely young cowgirl named Dale Evans co-starred beside Roy in "The Cowboy And The Senorita." There was something about the couple that sparked audiences. With Gabby Hayes, Royís trusty sidekick, Dale, and The Sons of The Pioneers all together, the package was complete. The public absolutely loved them.

After Arline passed away in 1946 life was hard for Roy, but with the help of family and his work, he survived. In 1947, while Roy and Dale were working a rodeo in Chicago, Roy asked Dale to marry him. On New Years Day, 1947 the two were hitched.

Dale was such an amazing person, she had little trouble juggling the responsibility of taking care of three children, plus a new marriage, and her filming career.

In August of 1950 Roy and Dale became the parents of Robin Elizabeth. A few days after her birth, Robin was diagnosed with Downís syndrome. The doctors advised them to place the girl in an institution. But for Roy and
Dale, this was never an option.

Roy said, "There must have been a reason God gave us this child, so we would take her home, take care of her,and love her."

Despite receiving the best care possible, Robin died shortly before her second birthday. Her death not only strengthened the Rogersí faith in God, but was the inspiration for Daleís book, "Angel Unaware."

Roy was the only man in the Country Music Hall of Fame twice. His fan club once boasted 1.75 million members registered in the United States alone. His fan mail peaked at 75,000 letters a month in 1945.

He was a good Christian man who could well be imitated by me and millions of others! Imitated mainly, of course, for his Christian life and attributes. But as great as Roy Rogers was, there is someone greater who needs to be imitated.

Not only do we need to know Him, WE NEED TO BE LIKE HIM! Paul said clearly, "Be imitators of God..."

PROP.- According to this text, in what ways should we imitate God?
1- Imitate His love
2- Imitate
Ernest Porter
September 2, 2008
This is a great message and well put together
Great message! God bless you Steve.