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1. This Psalm was written after Hezekiah had prayed and God sent one angel to destroy 185,000 Assyrians.
2. This Psalm teaches us that whenever Disaster strikes and it seems that all hope is lost, that God can handle, in His
will, in His own good time and way, things which seem like total disasters to us.
3. Many times-A person is searching for the will of God in their life.
a. They have Ambitions, Goals, and Dreams.
b. Question is What Am I to do with My life.
c. Answer---God has a Plan for each Life--Be Still and Know that God will Reveal His Plan at the Right Time.
4. Many Times--Problems arise, delays comes, detour signs appear.
a. We Worry How are We going to Accomplish Our Goals.
b. Answer---God Specializes in Miracles IF WE GIVE IT TO HIM.
c. Just Like Moses and Israel at the Red Sea--STAND STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD!
5. The first phrase of Verse 10 is important. It is about the hardest thing a person can do. We are prone to talk, to
defend ourselves, to justify our failures, and to condone our defeats. But the Psalm is clear, "Be still, and know
that Iam God."
a. "Be still" means to "get quiet and sit tight."
1. Activity is no sure sign of progress.
2. Jesus commended Mary because she sat quietly at His feet, and He condemned Martha because she was too busy.
b. "And know"--this is the greatest revelation that can come to any soul.
1. Many Words for Know in the Bible
a. Gaze with eyes wide open--to know by seeing or experience
b. Voluntary observation
c. Casual glance
d. Watching from a distance
e. Earnest and continued Inspection--to know by education
2. We must wait before we work, sit before we serve, and know before we can teach.
c. "That I am God"---Notice the Great "I am" is speaking. I AM WHATEVER YOU NEED.
d. This chapter Divided in Three parts--Each part is a different way to know God.

A. A Personal Refuge--Vs. 1--"God is our refuge"
1. Nations find refuge in Battalions and Battleships
2. Lost men find refuge in Positions and Possessions
a. Battalions--can be defeated
b. Battleships--can be sunk
c. Positions--can be taken away
d. Possessions--can be lost
3. "God" (Elohim) is our refuge"--Elohim is the word for the Triune God---The Enemy will have to go thru all Three to get us.
B. A Powerful Refuge--Vs. 1--"a very present help in trouble."
1. "Trouble" literally means "in tight places."
2. "Present help"--means right now
3. "Very"---means "speedily"--I thought, "How can you be better than present which means "right now". God
has no problem with time you will notice it does not say "in the time of trouble." God has