Believing when you canít see how
John 11:1-6, 17-23
So, many Christians go through there spiritual journey not experiencing the fullness of God because of there limited faith. Some believe that Jesus can heal or set free as long as it is in the realm of there belief system. But the moment the problem goes outside of there belief system and get to a point of no return or getting better in there eye site, they stop believing and start placing blame. Some folk only believe when they see how itís going to work out or they have enough or know enough resources to work it out before it gets worst. But sometimes God will allow it to get worst, so that he can get your faith to a place that even when you donít see how you are going to come out you will still believe in him. Our faith needs to get from operating on our time to understand and operating on his time. Our faith sometimes operate on our time thatís why Jesus will allow our situations to get worst from time to time so that we can learn how to operate on his time. He may not come when you want him to, but thank God heís always on time. Our time is not when he shows up. Our time is always now. But sometimes he wonít show up until later which is right on time. His on time is our late, and our late is his on time. But some of us only operate on our on time and our faith never develops beyond that. The power of Jesus isnít limited to our time. He is all powerful. And we must get our faith to operate beyond what we can see. Even if it dies, death is not the last word or action. Even if it gets worst, that not the last result. The question is how do we get our faith to operate on his time and not our time even when we canít see how.

Here in the text Lazarus is sick so Martha and Mary goes to Jesus and tells him that Lazarus is sick. Let me first suggest that if your have a problem then you should go to Jesus. Envogue has a song that says ďWho can I run to, to fill this empty life, who can I run to I need love. Somebody maybe sitting here today with the same question, who can I run to, to fill my empty life, to heal my body, to give me comfort and peace to get me out of this mess, because you need healing, you need a breakthrough, you need a miracle. My answer to you is you better run to Jesus. Stop running to everybody else and everything, run to Jesus.

Secondly the text suggest that they did not ask him to come, they only told him there problem. See if we just tell him the problem, then we summit ourselves to his time and be patient and wait on him until he shows up. But if we ask him and he does not show up when we ask, we get up set because he did not show up when you wanted him to. Some folk have a problem wit waiting on Jesus. We live in a get it quick world. They have minute everything. There was a time when you had to cook rice on the stove for about 10 minutes to get it good and soft, now they have minute rice. Pop it in the microwave and in a minute itís done. Everything