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Benefits for the Believer


Sermon shared by Michael Luke

November 2001
Summary: When we are justified by faith, we receive some specific benefits.
Audience: General adults
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our faith in Jesus Christ and God then declaring us “not guilty”
because Christ paid the penalty for our sins.

D. Paul lists 6 benefits of being a believer:

I. AMITY – v. 1
A. “Amity” – “peace; friendship”
--concept of shalom

B. Bible tells us that before we put our hope and trust in Jesus the Christ that we are enemies
of God.

C. We cannot come into relationship because of our rebellion and sin.

D. Our faith in the faithfulness of Jesus brings us into relationship with Him and therefore,
relationship with the Son brings relationship with the Father.

E. Amity (peace with God) brings us:

II. ACCESS – v. 2a
A. Imagine that you hear your doorbell ring. You open the door and a child you don’t
know and have never seen before is standing on your porch with a suitcase. The child
says he’s there to stay for awhile. You’re probably going to try to find out who he is,
where he lives, who his parents are.
Imagine again you hear your doorbell ring. You open the door and a child you don’t
know and have never seen before is standing on your porch with a suitcase. Your son is
standing behind him. He says, “Dad this is my friend Jeremy. He’s going to stay with us
for awhile. Mom says it’s okay.”

B. The word used here for “access” is a Greek word that signifies being ushered into
the presence of a king or ruler; a person of authority and respect.
1. When Jesus died, veil of temple torn in two

2. Paul says we have gained access into the grace of God through the person of Jesus.
--“grace” – “gift” – “do over”

A. “Hope”
1. Before we submit ourselves to Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we have no hope.

2. Titus 2:13 – “…while we wait for the blessed hope – the glorious appearing of our
great God and Savior, Jesus Christ…”

B. Our hope stems from the fact that one day, we will be transformed into the glory of God.
1. All of imperfections, flaws, warts, pimples, and moles in our life will be made glorious
in the presence of the one who gave Himself for us.

2. As for now, we have to put up with each other and put up with ourselves. But God has
provided a way for us to have hope.

A. One of the benefits of being a believer is that we can acquire the things that we need.
1. Notice how Paul says we acquire them – through suffering

2. We don’t like that word – “suffering”
--Greek word also translated as – “trouble;
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