Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
to get decisions . . . Those who are satisfied with merely proclaiming the gospel and receiving professions are like immoral seducers. The seducer is satisfied merely to exploit and then tell of his exploits rather than entering into a meaningful . . . commitment. Do not judge the effectiveness of your evangelism . . . by what you see in the person you have evangelized. Measure your effectiveness by your spiritual grandchildren.

Kennedy stated how it does not stop with just leading an individual to Jesus Christ. You must also disciple and grow the new believer until he or she reproduces. You are not only seeking spiritual children, but spiritual grandchildren as well.

SHARING THE BLESSING (Joshua 15:18-19)

Achsah requested Othniel to ask her father Caleb for a field as a dowry. When Caleb invested in his son-in-law through a grant of land, that gift was his way of communicating a blessing. It was Calebís sign of faith in how he believed Othniel would multiply the productivity of the land. Remember, when you invest in the lives of others, you are bestowing a blessing on them.

Caleb then turned to Achsah asking if there was anything that she wanted; and just as her father had earlier declared, ďGive me this mountainĒ (Jo 14:12), she had the confidence to expect and insist, ďGive me also springs of water!Ē (15:19). Achsahís faith-filled request was her petition for a great blessing from her father. Delores Tansil says,

Achsah desired to receive the same covenant blessings her father obtained as a result of his walk of faith . . . As Achsah esteemed her father, she was actually esteeming God. She was pursuing the God of her father, Caleb, to bestow upon her and her family life-sustaining blessings.

Achsah and Othniel had received the field, or rather they possessed their allotted territory; however, the ground did not hold everything needed to produce a great yield. The region in the south was dry. Caleb had given them land, but Achsah realized that they needed water for irrigation, so the land could be more fertile; therefore, she asked him for springs of water.

Jesus asked, ďWhat man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?Ē (Mt 7:9). If your spiritual offspring should ask you for bread, or rather come to you for instruction in the Word of God, then do not brush him or her aside and ignore that individual. Get rid of your heart of stone and have some genuine compassion, and be responsible enough to engage in discipleship.

You can lead people to salvation, which is the Promised Land; but if you fail to disciple them, you are leaving them spiritually dry with nothing to help them grow, prosper and produce. If your spiritual children should ask you for a blessing, or demonstrate some sort of need, then do not fail at showing your love and support; for by your concern you are communicating a blessing.

Perhaps someone under your care has demonstrated initiative