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Thus, they are seen to be reigning with God. The saints will reign with Him some day, 2 Tim. 2:12; Rev. 1:6; Rev. 2:26-27.
In the Old Testament, David appointed 24 Levites to represent the entire priesthood, 1 Chron. 23, 28. When a meeting was necessary, it would have been impossible to gather every one of the thousands of Levites together; but when the twenty-four came together, they represented the whole body. The same is true of these Elders. They represent the entirety of the redeemed saints of God! We are seated in Jesus in Heaven today, Eph. 2:6. That is our positional situation. Practically, I am still in this world; living, laboring and longing for Heaven. One day, we will be where God has already positioned us! They are "clothed in white raiment". White garments in the Bible speak of "the righteousness of the saints", Rev. 19:8. They have "on their heads crowns of gold".
John sees seven lamps, which, he says, are the seven Spirits of God, the Holy Spirit in His fullness. This Spirit is true God, yet dwells in and with His people.
a sea of glass like unto crystal" -- This crystal sea speaks of Godís judgment as being form and fixed. On this earth, there is nothing more constantly changing or in motion than the ocean. The sea is never still and it is never the same. This sea is solid and unmoving! Judgment is fixed and it cannot be altered!
If you will remember, there was a "sea of brass" called "the laver" outside the tent of the Tabernacle. Before the priests entered the tent they were required to wash in the laver. It symbolized cleansing and forgiveness of sin. How many times have I stopped at the laver of 1 John 1:9 and washed my sins and my stains away? I thank God that there is a place of forgiveness and restoration today.


These living creatures sing ceaselessly: íHoly, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!í The elders on the 24 thrones join them in singing, and what do they say? "You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power!" Why? "For You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created." The one who sits on the throne in heaven is the God who God created heaven and earth, All the majesty John saw around and on the throne of heaven draws out how completely heaven above rules over the earth beneath. They declare His "worthiness". They declare His power. They declare His right to rule and reign. They declare their agreement with what He is about to do in the world. They declare the fact that He made the world and all that is in it. It is His and He can do with it as He pleases! (Ill. There will be no songs about evolution in glory!) Heaven will literally throb with the praises of God!
On the earth John saw only brokenness, disillusionment. What started so wonderfully in the ministry of Jesus Christ and the outpouring of His Holy Spirit had seemed far away; according to the evidence one sees on earth, heaven was obviously closed.... The word