Joshua 1:8-9

How can we become successful

Never met anyone who wanted to be a failure
Met a lot who have embraced it

Go to childrens church and ask, what you want to be- You wonít hear: I wanna be a pimp, drug dealer, on welfare and knocked up by 18

Youíll hear dreams and goals that are positive.

We should always have godís word in our mouth
Speak the things that God has already spoken

What does god think success is

1. Not measured by how I look- the world thinks it is
Cost of Abercrombie shirt
Buy things we donít need- with money we donít have- to impress people we donít know
1 Sam 16:7- God looks on the heart, not our outward appearance
thatís why god chooses who he chooses

2. not measured by what I have- wealth doesnít make you a success
wealth means you have more opportunity to be successful
Just watch those Hilton girls, theyíre rich, THEIR STUPID-
Theyíre not successful, theyíre a freak show
There is nothing wrong with things, WEALTH IS AWESOME- IĒVE HEARD

ďIf I had a million dollars, Iíd never work againĒ- thatís why you ainít getting it
Mark 8:36 Luke 12:15
The more money our church has- the more we can bless people

3. not measured by who I know
Ecc 10:6
Popularity means nothing- ask Tom Selleck, Farrah Fawcett, Boy George
7 Attitudes of Acheivement
Paul was a success- If heíd had a jet and tv station, heíd been unstoppable
Lets see what Paul thought success was.

1. He had a Direction ---Romans 15:20
Paul was a builder, architect
Paul wanted to start churches, not go to one where the pastor had left
Pool of Bethesda- 38 yrs sick- ďDo you want to be well?Ē

Get a job, lose handicap sticker, no sympathy

Paul had a clear vision- didnít care what it cost him
Phillipians 3:13
He didnít say Iím a great loser-

Paul knew what he wanted
If you want to hear;
politicsóend times (old men slobbering)ó wrong place

I have a direction

People saying, Godís coming back- See the signs- Same sex marriage, What are we going to do
What if election doesnít go how we want?

Ezra, Nehemiah, Daniel, ShadrachÖ. All ministered in heathen natiions

Give me a break- whatever happens around me- I will serve a good God

Weíve reduced religion- hairbuns, make-up, demons and Harry Potter,---
We need a direction

2. Be Content--- Phillipaians 4:12-
I have learned to enjoy what I have-
I have dreams, goals, hopes, ---But Iím going to enjoy today
Whether things are going good- or Iím Broker than 10 Commandments

3. Commitment Ė Acts 20:24
People are afraid of commitment- marriage, job, church, God
WE want the benefits- Iíll have sex with you, but if a BABY COMES, Iím outta here

Some people will never commit to The church,
But when chips are downÖ they look to us
People say, ĎIím afraid to commitĒ bull- commit to a car payment, drinking,
Youíll find success where you