Mk 2:1-13
Mk 5:26-34
For they do not care what anyone thinks.
They do not care what anyone says
They will go where no one else will go
They wont let anything stop them
They will do desperate things,

Emptiness is the prerequisite for desperation, Desperation is the condition that exists when a recognized need is present.
All of Gods people are needy, but few are willing to acknowledge that need, It is when the need is acknowledged that a condition of desperation begins to be developed in us.

Why desperation?
Desperation only comes when there is a recognized need that is beyond our own ability to meet.

(1) dangerously reckless or violent as from urgency or despair
(2) Showing extreme courage; especially of actions courageously undertaken as a last resort
(3) Showing extreme urgency or intensity especially because of great need or desire

Contrary to the way we view things, desperation is not a bad thing.
We have let the world define things for us, and by the worlds definition desperation is a condition to be avoided at all costs.
But from a Divine perspective there are many blessings and even promises of God that cannot be obtained apart from being desperate.

It would be according to the will of God tonight that everyone of us should reach some measure of desperation concerning the huge gap between what God has made available to us, and what God expects of us, compared to where we are actually at. I believe the spirits message to us all is You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

When we see in the word the life that is available to us, and we see in our own lives and churches the low level of spiritual life and the absence of spiritual power It should create a sense of emptiness within us, A recognition of falling short of the glory that has been prepared for us.
This in turn should serve to stir in us a sense of desperation.
Desperation because we have recognized the need of spiritual power to reach the lost, to heal the hurting and to deliver the oppressed. and because we know that only God can give us what were lacking.

Blessed are the desperate: for they will tear the roof off if and when necessary.
for they will push through the crowd
because they wont be offended (even the dogs eat the crumbs).
for they will gladly give up dignity for an encounter with deity. ( example Zacchaeus in the sycomore tree).
for they will break barriors - (lepers, woman w/Issue of blood)
for they will lay in the dirt or climb a tree or jump in a lake
for they will not argue about what God does or How he does it.-(Jesus put mud and spit into the Blind mans eyes. )

Blessed are the desperate for if it was not for them The presence and the Power of God would never be manifested in our churches at all.
Its not religion, or ceremony, or tradition, or methods or programs, or preaching or singing that brings the power of God into a church (Its desperation).

Can we read the scriptures,
Brenda Armstrong
March 26, 2011
This sermon was extremely well thoughtout and it spoke with a sense of urgency and encouragement! Praise God and keep letting the Lord use you.
I was having a down day and you lifted my spirit. Great Job! Ha ha ha, but so true!