Blind Bartimaeus Luke 18:35-43

Big Idea: Christ is the promised son of David who shows mercy to those who respond to him.

Introduction : lost story – is your life lacking direction?

Good morning
I’m thankful to be standing here in front of you this morning
I drove up here myself, and this area isn’t that familiar to me as I live in Sydney
I have a bit of a reputation for being geographically embarrassed
This probably goes back to my time in the army when I got lost in the jungle

My platoon of 30 men and I were doing training exercises up in Queensland
We were walking through the jungle at 3am
the jungle was thick with trees and covered with vines
On top of all this it was pitch black
Not just dark, it was so black that you couldn’t see you hand in front of your face
So to navigate through this thick foliage we had to walk in single file
The scout at the front had night vision equipment so they could pick out the easiest route
each person had a piece of luminous tape attached to the back of their hat.
We just followed the bobbing tape in front of us
I found myself in the unenviable role as tail end Charlie, the last person
Due to my present sleep state of half consciousness I tripped and fell over
It wasn’t a simple matter of getting straight up onto my feet
Because my equipment was so heavy it took me a little while to reestablish myself
When I looked up, to my dismay I couldn’t see the bouncing dot anymore
There was nothing but blackness
Without the security of seeing someone else I started to panic
I rushed forward trying to catch up but I just kept getting tangled in vines and slapped in the face by branches.
I didn’t have a torch or a radio to assist me
I couldn’t see my map or my surroundings; I had nothing tangible to help get me out of this mess.

Every thing I tried was futile, I wanted to find my way but I just couldn’t do it.
I was scared, I was frustrated, and I was lost.

I have no doubt that there are some people here who can associate themselves with my situation on a greater scale.
You may be someone who is not lost in the jungle but lost in life
You maybe someone who is having trouble finding direction and meaning in life
Are you someone who is frustrated because you feel like your stuck in a rut or maybe going around in circles?
Maybe like one of those little hamsters running and running but not getting anywhere?

In my situation they are the feelings I had.
But as a sat, in the darkness pondering my fate something came along that saved me

As time passed the sun slowly came up over the horizon.
Its light pierced through the foliage which allowed me to see
I could use my map and compass, orientate myself with landmarks and made my way back to my platoon.
It was only when I could see, could I find direction.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone came along in our lives that enabled us to journey through life seeing clearly?
This morning we are going to look at the story