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Blurred Lines


Sermon shared by Stephen Ward

April 2003
Summary: Blurred Lines
Denomination: Christian Church
Audience: General adults
the lines of truth and morality, we must first know what the truth is. We must know what the Bible actually says about right and wrong, about doctrine, about God, etc. And then, we must be willing to say, "That is sin" when we see sin. We must be willing to stand up for righteousness, even if it costs us. Far too many Christians let the world give them comfort and safety in exchange for integrity and truth. The manifestation of this compromise is found in liberal theology and churches with social agendas. The world wants to blur the lines of distinction between the absolutes of morality and truth and lies and compromise. It wants no more blurred lines, but the church is supposed to sharpen those lines. But, should we be a people that stand united in truth with fists raised in defiance against the world’s relativism and moral compromise? Well, yes and no. Yes in that we are always to stand up for what is right. No, in that if standing up for what is right is not done in love, then our message of truth cannot be heard. Truth without love is hypocrisy. Love without truth is is a lie. Both truth and love must be presented in harmony. The Christian church should be true and it should also be beautiful. In other words, it should teach what is right and it should LIVE what is right. "But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith," (1 Tim. 1:5). In your life are you living both the truth and the love that Jesus presented to us? Are you proclaiming truth at work? Are you teaching it at home? Are you standing up for truth in society? And, are you proclaiming truth in love? Are you teaching truth by a loving example? Are you standing up for truth with love as your foundation? Lest I risk teaching moralism and further the degradation of truth in the world, I must make it clear that both truth and love are based on the cross of Christ. At the cross we see the perfection of truth and love realized together on the hard lines of that bloodied tree. It is true that Jesus died and rose again. It is true that His love for us bought us our salvation. It is true that the cross is the only hope for mankind. It is true that people need to die to themselves. It is true that love is sacrificial and that it can cost us our lives. It is true that there is such a thing as sin and it is true that we can point out what is right and wrong in the world because Jesus lived what was right and wrong, died, and rose from the dead to prove that what He said was true. The church that has lost its truth is a false church. The church that has lost its love is a godless church. The more the lines are blurred between the sacred and the secular, the more we move towards apostasy. No! We must lovingly trace out the lines already drawn and lovingly point out that there is a right and a wrong. But pointing this out must be preceded by living the truth, not in simply proclaiming it in a form stripped of love. need to make sure that the lines between the sacred and the secular do not become blurred. We must make sure that they are sharp. We must proclaim Christ and Him crucified and that He alone is the way, the truth, and the life. Without Him judgment follows.

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