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Itís Time to Back Bounce
Pastor Jamie Wright * Maranatha Fellowship Church

If you have ever played sports you know what it means to bounce back. You have suffered a defeat and you need to come back with a win. In the business world if you have suffered a set back you need to bounce back with a profitable day. The title of todayís message is ITíS TIME TO BOUNCE BACK. You can allow circumstances in your life to become set backs or opportunities to bounce back.

John 10:10
ďThe thief (Satan) does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.Ē

To steal- means to pilfer through, to take away from, to whip, to embezzle, to pick pocket.

To kill- means to slaughter, to eradicate, to take life away from

To destroy- means to wipe out, to demolish, to devastate, to tear down or to level the ground.

Satanís main agenda is to cause us to fall. I picture it like this:
Any attack he brings is meant to tear you down, to level you to the ground, to demolish you and devastate you. Itís like running full steam ahead and he puts something in your path to take life away from you and to whip you. He means for it to be a weight that pulls you down. He wants that divorce to devastate you. The rest of your life, He intends to frustrate you in your finances. His plan is for your relationships to be rotten. He figures the pain of your past is enough to bury you.

God says itís Time to Bounce Back. Donít allow it to bury you allow it to propel you toward your destiny. Donít let it suffocate you let it spring you forward into your calling. Donít let it get leverage in your life but rather allow it to vault you into the next opportunity for promotion.

Say it together: ITíS TIME TO BOUNCE BACK!
Tell your neighbor: ITíS TIME TO BOUNCE BACK!

Today, together, letís look at some situations in scripture where men did not allow the situations in their lives bury them, but they BOUNCED BACK from them. Got your Bibles out? Good! Letís look at the Word together!

I. SamsonÖHe bounced back after lying in the lap of a woman. Judges 16
a. Killed 1000 Philistine men with a donkeys jawbone
b. Tore the gates off the city walls
c. Captured 300 foxes and lit their tails on fire torched the grain fields of the Philistines
Judges 16:4 he falls in love with a woman.

Vs 6. Delilah asks where his great strength came from and what needed to be done to bind his strength.

Men look out. Satan has a woman out there for all of us. He wants to use her to take away our strength. He wants to use her to devastate you and me, to tear us down and level us to the ground. (Woman you look out and make sure Satan isnít using you as the trap for men. Even innocently)

Verses 7-16 he toys with her and plays with her each time getting closer and closer to revealing where his strength came from.

Verse 17 says ďÖhe told her all his heartÖĒ that is when he fell.

Verse 21 they captured him put his eyes out and made him grind at the mill.