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BREAK UP YOUR FALLOW GROUNDHosea 10:12IntroductionA.  What to say on the first day?1. Many will talk about vision.a. We already have one…it’s posted on the wall.b. I’ve had three weeks to come up with what I will share with you this morning.c. Only God waited until Monday night to reveal it in my heart.B. My passion is to accomplish your vision.2. I want to see Holland Baptist Church become a lighthouse for this community.a. We should want everyone in this area to know that this church makes a difference in people’s lives.b. We should want to see people saved.c. We should want to see people baptized.d. We should want to see the hurting comforted, the broken mended, and those who are physically and spiritually sick healed.3. So how do we do it?C.  We need to return to the thrilling days of Yesteryear.1. We need a revival that returns us to our first love.a. We need to get OUR hearts right with God.b. It’s easy to say we need revival in America today…because we do!c. It’s easy to say we need revival in Arkansas…because we do!d. It’s even easy to say we need revival in our church today…because we do!e. But…I am here to tell you this morning that none of the revivals we have amen’ed and nodded our heads at will take place unless there is first a revival in each of our hearts!f. Revival, just like salvation is a personal experience. No one can experience it for you.g. We have to begin to LOVE Jesus.2. Let me ask you a personal question this morning.   Do you love the Lord?a. The same question Jesus asked Peter in John 21:16 He asks you today!b. Do you LOVE me?c. You see, if you love someone you’ll spend time with them.d. How much time are we spending with the Lord in our daily lives?e. If we are not spending time with Him we will never reach THEM.f. The revival that this community needs has to start in the hearts of each and every one of God’s people.g. Every fire has to start with a spark…are you willing to be that spark?3. In Old Testament times Israel needed revival too.a. God sent the prophet Hosea to sound the call to revival.b. We would do well to heed the prophet’s call today.Hos 10:12  Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.4. There are three things about fallow ground we need to discover this morning.BODYA. What is fallow ground? 1. Fallow ground is ground that was once productive but now lays waste.a. At one time it gave forth a bountiful harvest.b. Now it is desolate.c. Produces little more than weeds.2. Hosea could identify with the need to break up the fallow ground.a. He remembered Israel’s glorious past.b. The miraculous deliverance…the Red Sea crossing…the manna from heaven…the water from a rock…God’s wonderful watch care and presence.c. These were fading from memory…d. Israel had sinned