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How many would like to see . . .

A. Breakthrough in some circumstance/situation?
B. Breakthrough in your own Christian experience/life of faith? [Either: (i) feeling dry; (ii) seems to be a ceiling over your level of renewal.
C. Breakthrough in our churchís corporate expression of praise and worship? (Ps. 71:14)

Tonight I want to share with you about the breakthrough power of praise. Let me read to you, to launch out with tonight, from Psalm 150.

READ: Psalm 150. (Then paraphrase as follows . . .

v1 Praise Him if youíre here, praise Him if youíre there.
v2 Praise Him if Heís done this for you, praise Him if Heís done that for you.
v3-5 Praise Him if you can play any kind of instrument, praise Him if you can just crash a cymbal.
v6 FINALLY - if you donít fall into any of the above categories - IF YOUíRE BREATHING WILL YOU PRAISE HIM?! Heís worthy of it!)

The Bible encourages us, and exhorts us, and even COMMANDS us to ďPRAISEĒ the Lord. What is praise? ďOh, thatís easy. Praise is the three fast choruses we sing to start the meeting, and then worship is the three slow ones we sing after that!Ē Is that right? No itís not. Did you realise that in the New Testament the words praise, worship, glory, and honour are ALL translated from the same one Greek word?! Itís true; the word is ďdoxaĒ, and its base meaning is GLORY. How it is translated depends solely on the context.

If there is any difference between praise and worship it is simply that WORSHIP is how we esteem God - itís the attitude of adoration in the heart. You can worship God without a sound. PRAISE, however, is the articulation of that adoring heart. When we praise God we give vent and voice to our heart of worship.

So, worship has to do with ESTIMATION. Praise has to do with ARTICULATION. But both mean to give God esteem - to commend Him highly.

So, when the Bible tells us to ďPRAISEĒ Him, itís calling us to give vent to our adoring heart. Worship can be silent, but praise NEVER is. Whether the song is slow or fast, or even if itís not a song at all but perhaps a shout or an applause, itís irrelevant, but we are called to ARTICULATE the adoration of our hearts.


So donít say: ďIím praising silentlyĒ. You canít ďpraiseĒ silently. You may be worshipful - you may be adoring - but ďPRAISEĒ requires action or voice!

And what I want to tell you tonight is that there is power in praise. There is power in lifting your voice in a song or a shout or a prayer of praise. Something happens when we applaud and magnify God.

Iím going to jump around the Bible a little tonight to talk about ďBREAKTHROUGH PRAISEĒ. Here are four things that happen when we begin to praise the Lord. Firstly:


READ: 2 CHRON. 5:13-14 (opening of Solomonís Temple).

When was the last time you saw the glory of God in such an awesome way that people were simply UNABLE to proceed with
Russell Yancey
March 2, 2014
This is truly an encouraging word!!
Gloria Tatum
October 1, 2014
Our worship experience must be raised to the standard set for warfare as in II Chronicles 20. It is exciting to know that this concept is being preached everywhere!
Winston Spencer
June 9, 2012
great sermon,I am bless by it,thank you for sharing it with me.