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Bringing America Back to God

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Oct 17, 2009

Summary: The parallels of America and Israel are staggering - both denied the Lord, defied the law, and defiled the land. Is God about to judge us like He did them? Link inc. to formatted text, audio/video, PowerPoint.

Bringing America Back to God

Judges 1-2


This book records the history of the nation of Israel for 305 years after the death of Joshua. Israel declined, backslid, and got away from God. And in this new study we will see many frightening parallels between Israel and America.

Israel was established by God Himself, and God gave Himself to them. He also gave them the law--the 10 commandments and the covenant. And He gave them Canaan, the best land of the earth at that time. And so God gave them the Lord, the law, and the land.

God only asked them for one thing in return--that they would love Him, obey Him, and serve Him. What did Israel do? They denied the Lord, they defied the law, and they defiled the land. So, God had to judge them.

The parallel with America is obvious and alarming. No nation has ever had a Christian beginning like the USA. We too have been given the Lord, the law, and a land, and we’ve denied Him, defied Him, and our land is being defiled.

1. America has denied the Lord.

The Lord is slowly but steadily being expelled from every public venue. It started in the public schools, and has spread to public places, court houses, our coins, our pledge of allegiance, and on and on to the point where today we are fighting battles about what we can even say in the church! It is no longer just about the separation of church and state but rather the separation of America from the God Who founded her and has so blessed her!

ill.--This last week a high school football team and its cheerleaders came under fire. The players and cheerleaders were all in agreement. They all wanted the team to enter the field, bursting thru a large paper banner with an inspirational Bible verse on it. It wasn’t school sanctioned, and no one involved had any problem with it ... but guess who did have a problem? The ACLU! "The American Communist...ummm...Civil Liberties Union". You could call them the Anti Christian Liberals Union. Actually, I don’t know why they aren’t called the UUUU, for they are Unamerican, uncivil, and unlibertarian!

The ACLU has been used by Satan as a tool for many years, tearing apart the God woven fabric of our society.

America has denied the Lord...

2. America has defied the law.

The Supreme Court says that it is against the law to display the 10 Commandments in a public place, [though their building displays them!] reasoning that if you display them people might ponder them and if so, they might obey them, and that would be a violation of the separation of church and state. We are doing just what Israel did. It is now the official position of our government that the 10 commandments are dangerous! Wouldn’t want kids in school to see ’thou shalt not kill’ because what if they obeyed it!

ill.--ladies, what if you broke down in the worst part of town and had to walk, after dark, to find help. While you walk a group of 4 men leave a house you are passing and begin walking just behind you. How do you feel? As you listen to what they are saying you notice they are talking about God, and have just left a Bible study session. You turn around and see they are all carrying Bibles. How do you feel now?

Talk about it...

Barry Helms avatar
Barry Helms
0 days ago
My, how true it is! This sermon paints an accurate picture as to how far our nation has turned from God. Thanks for sharing the truth, Brother Jerry.
Eric Evans avatar
Eric Evans
0 days ago
Good thoughts in this sermon. Good comparision of the two nations. Thanks for sharing.
John Sybenga avatar
John Sybenga
0 days ago
As a Christian watching developments it is possibel to see the same degeneration occurring in Australia. We can give thanks that the rapture is imminent.
Toby Thompson avatar
Toby Thompson
0 days ago
Pastor, excellent points made throughout. Thank you so much for your teaching. I use a GREAT DEAL of your writing in my Sunday School teaching. Yes, you do get the credit!
Matt Anderson avatar
Matt Anderson
0 days ago
Amazing how close these nations are!!
Brett Jay avatar
Brett Jay
0 days ago
Wow. Direct unabashed absolutely the truth. Thats how God''s word is to be delivered. I pray we all have the passion with confidence to preach from our pulpits this truth
Thomas Bethune avatar
Thomas Bethune
0 days ago
Ran across this preparing for a lesson series on Judges and just had to comment on what I believe to be a dangerous mix of "Christian" values and conservative politics. Can someone please explain how (to name a few) the war on terror, Capitalism vs Socialism and bashing the elected leader of our nation are Christian values (regardless of what you think of him)? As Christians our citizenship is in heaven - that is our home not a political state on Earth. To me Judges is much more of a cautionary tale for the Church (God's chosen people grafted in to Israel) than the world around us. Unfortunately when the Church adopts secular political values (conservative or liberal) and re-brands them, it is just another instance where we in the Church compromise with the culture around us.
James Lynn King avatar
James Lynn King
0 days ago
How true and how desperate our times are! Thanks for your sermons, Brother Jerry.

So, what did you think?

Thank you.