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TEXT: 1 Samuel 4:1-11; 2 Samuel 6
TOPIC: Bring Back Godís Glory
Theme: How to reveal Godís Glory to people today.



When was the most thrilling day of your life? When you reflect back on your life, what day stands out from all other days? The greatest day of my life is July 15, 1973. This was the day that I repented of my sins and became a born again Christian.

What day was the most exciting day in Davidís life? Do you believe the greatest day for David was when he defeated the lion or the bear? Those were great days, but not the greatest day. Do you think the most thrilling day for David was when he defeated Golitha? That was a high water mark in the life of David, but it was not the greatest day of Davidís life. Do you think the happiest day for David was when he was anointed king of Israel? This was no doubt a significant day for David, but again it was not the greatest day in Davidís life. I believe the greatest day for David was when Godís glory came back to Israel.

There is no doubt that the greatest and most thrilling day in Davidís life was when Godís holy presence returned to Jerusalem. The most outstanding day was when revival came to Jerusalem in particular and Israel in general.

Do you desire to truly experience the reviving presence of God? Do you desire for God to reveal His glory in the Church and in our cities and in our country? Will you practice the principles for the powerful presence of God to be revealed in your ministry and in your life? Will you miss this upcoming revival and spiritual awakening in America or will you choose to play a vital role in it?

There are five distinct principles regarding this late 1990ís revival that we must apprehend and apply to our live in order to bring back Godís glory to the Church and the nation. First,


It is our privilege and responsibility to bring this world wrapped in the golden chains of gospel and lay it at our Kingís feet. Any thing short of this is high treason in heavenís court before heavenís king. We have an awesome opportunity in America.

The ark of the covenant was a treasure chest of blessing. The dimensions of the Ark were about 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. The Ark was made of wood and overlaid with pure gold. On the top of the Ark was a solid slab of gold called the Mercy Seat. Out of the mercy seat were two Cherubim with their wings out stretched. In between the wings of the Cheribum dwelled the glory of God. In the
Holy of Holies, God would reveal Himself between the Cherubim while the Mercy Seat was sprinkled with blood from the paschal lamb. This was a holy sight.

The Ark of the Covenant led them out of barrenness, led them into blessing, and led them