Rev. George R. Dillahunty
Kingdom Glory Internet Church
685 Grant Avenue
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452-3047

December 16, 2008

Psalm 61:8 (King James Version)

"So will I sing praise unto Thy name for ever, that I may daily perform my vows."

Topic: Broken Resolutions!

At the end of every year, most people make resolutions to do things differently in the New Year! Most of those resolutions fall by the wayside - they simply never get accomplished!

Weíre almost there once again - weíve almost made it through another year - and, what a year it has been! In just a little over two (2) weeks, 2008 will be history - 2009 is right around the corner - and, a new beginning will take place. We will have a new President, Barack Obama, with a new vision for this great nation of ours - we will have a new Congress - hopefully one that will focus on the nationsís problems - working together - instead of fighting each other! In a time of economic disaster, we need to do the business of the country and not "monkey business!"

Typically, this is the time when we start making our New Yearís resolutions. We have resolved to lose weight - We have resolved to exercise more - we have resolved to be better people - we have resolved to do away with bad habits - we have resolved to begin having new habits - good ones - and, many other resolutions! The problem is this: Many of our resolutions - although well-intentioned - never come to pass!

Listen to some resolutions, according to a Boston newspaper poll, that people have been making:

1. I resolve to stop feeding the office plant leftover coffee - I will use water instead.
2. My New Yearís resolution is to really start collecting Muppet and Peanuts stuff in the coming year.
3. As much as I hate government intervention, I resolve to try and get a law passed that requires every person on the face of this earth to have to use their common sense at least once a day!
4. As a Theatre Major, I seldom have much time to eat real food - never mind eating with my family. This year, I resolve to try real hard to stop eating at McDonalds and Wendyís for 2 out of 3 meals a day. If that isnít possible, I promise to at least clean the remains from my car.
5. I wish to become the old crone that my body already says that I am and stop trying to look like Barbie due to our culture.
6. I hereby resolve to accept the changes occurring at work. I will try to remember that the decision-makers have a brain and will use it if necessary. Finally, I will cheer for them if it works and I will not laugh if it doesnít!
7. I will refuse to take responsibility for my decisions - I will never take the blame - I will not stand by my promises - I will ignore the needs of the poor - in short, my resolution is to be a politician!
8. I will resolve to become as wonderful a person as my dog thinks I am.

Did you see it? Were you listening? Where was Almighty God in any of those resolutions? The Apostle Paul, in his epistle to