BUILDING GODˇ¦S HOUSE - A Ground Breaking Celebration

As we begin to build this new facility - what are we really building? We’ve said it enough around here, but we are not about building structures. In fact, while we have a children’s and office building that will need to be built in the next two years, I’m officially resigning from the building committe today! Its a lot of work, very frustrating, and God didn’t call me to be a builder. But regardless of what we do on this property or any other place in this community, what will our efforts really produce for us?

Paul told the Corinthians, "Don’t you realize that all of you together are the house of God, and that the Spirit of God lives among you in his house?" 1 Corinthians 3:16 (Living) What we are really building is God’s House - not made of blocks or steel or concrete - but made from the changed lives of individuals within our community.

So today, as we prepare to launch out in a new era for us as a church, what does this building represent for us in a spiritual, yet tangible way? What does it mean to Build God’s House?

Building Godˇ¦s House Means:

1. Breaking Up The Hard Ground

Anytime you begin a building, you have to break up the ground. You have to DISTURB that which was untouched. For some people, especially a Farmer, thereˇ¦s nothing like a newly plowed field. For a builder, they love to see the ground broke up, leveled and ready to build on. For the farmer ˇV itˇ¦s time to plant. For the builder ˇV itˇ¦s time to build.

But not ever bodies happy. That poor gophers not happy to have his home destroyed in the field. The weeds and other plants that began to move in on the farmers field ˇV they donˇ¦t like having their roots ripped out either. When land is being prepared for a building ˇV not every one is happy. Environmentalist donˇ¦t like it when you knock down the trees. (By the way ˇV I love plants & Iˇ¦m sympathetic to those who want to protect the environment. I hate the idea of knocking down some of our trees too). Neighbors ˇV who donˇ¦t want progress often complain of the noise or the addition. So far - We havenˇ¦t received any criticize from those outside the Church, nor is anyone complaining INSIDE the Church!! And thatˇ¦s significant ˇV because Building Programs often cause some to question and argue and squabble. As a congregation ˇV a Family ˇV it is obvious that we are united in our effort. Now ˇV if a time should arise when you feel the need to voice your objection ˇV we have provided a special place for you to drop your written complaints. Right next to the Box as you head out the door ˇV is another receptacle just for you. Itˇ¦s about this high with a plastic bag. Ignore the fact that it looks like a trash can! Some people just donˇ¦t like Change!

But change is necessary to Grow!
ˇ§Plow up the hard ground of your hearts, for now is the time to seek the Lord, that he may come and shower righteousness upon you.ˇ¨ Hosea