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Can You Pass God's Test?

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Oct 13, 2002

Summary: David asked for God to test his heart because he knew that he could pass it. Can we pass God’s test of a true heart?


In 1968 I was enrolled as a trigonometry student a Louisiana State University. I rather enjoyed the class and I was certain that I knew and understood how the mathematical equations and formulas worked for trigonometry. I didn’t seem to have any problems with working out the questions on any test and I thought that surely this would be a course that I could pass with a high grade average.

What a surprise it was when I received the results of my Mid-Term Exam! I had failed the test completely. In fact, out of a class of 240+ students, there were only 6 students who didn’t fail the test and 5 of those six made a D. The 6th student, if I remember correctly, passed with an A. So much for “grading on a curve.”

When we examined the test, the professor, a former mathematical genius from the NASA space program, explained why so many had failed. Like most of the students, I had come to the right answer. There were only 5 problems that we had to solve and I had solved each one perfectly with answers to the 6th decimal place. However, we were required to show each and every step of our working of the equations to arrive at the correct answer.

That professor was such a perfectionist, with mathematical problems, that if we had left out a decimal point anywhere in any of those steps, then the whole question was wrong regardless of the answer. She explained that in NASA, there was no margin for error and no excuse for imperfection. That’s why all of us failed her exam.

I hate to be the bearer of such bad news to you, but that’s the same way the God grades your heart! There is no margin for error and no excuse for imperfection.


David asked God to test his motives and test his heart. “Try my reins and my heart” was his statement to God. Now there’s a brave soul who will not shy away from God’s testing but actually step up and ask for it!

Are you willing to let God try your reins? What are reins? Well, if you have ever ridden a horse, or driven a horse drawn carriage, or watched an old western movie, you will know that the reins are like a steering wheel for the horse or whatever animal is providing the power for you to move along.

Are you willing to allow God to steer you? God will surely test your steering! He will try you and allow you to face some great obstacles in life and some huge potholes in your road. He may even allow a few of the “road signs” in your life to disappear so that you will really have to let Him do the steering of your heart and life or you will wind up some place where you don’t want to be!


If you have ever purchased a “pre-owned” vehicle, especially a front wheeled drive model, no doubt you have tested its steering thoroughly. You get in that car and turn the wheels back and forth and you are driving forward and backward to see if there is any slack, or clicking noises in the wheels and to see if the brakes and everything else works the way they should. Any abnormalities in the steering could mean expensive repairs in a short time and none of us want to pay for new CV joints and brakes right away.

Talk about it...

So, what did you think?

Thank you.