us skeptical of Him. Here is the
father of lies calling God a liar, saying in verse 4, "You will not die." He is trying to
get us to doubt the word of God. He is saying we cannot really trust God. "Don’t
worry about it, God is just making an idle threat."

Don’t we hear that today? If God loves us He will forgive us. He won’t really
punish us for our sins. He’s like that loving grandfather who talks tough but is really
just a big ol’ teddy bear.
People need to know that God loves them. But they also need to know that God is
the originator of tough love. He loves us, but He is to be taken seriously. We cannot
ignore Him and His word. One day all will stand before Him to be judged.

If we look at verse 5, Satan did give a half truth. He said, “...your eyes will be
opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Their eyes would be
opened, but they would be different than God. Movie (Jack Nicholson) "You want
the truth, you can’t handle the truth." God can handle the truth about sin, we can’t.
Once we knew of sin we were overcome with it. And God knew that.

Why is it, when we are denied something, we want it more? (Gen 3:6)
Adam and Eve had this forest of trees from which they could have eaten, but Satan
got Eve focused on the tree that was off limits, and that was their downfall. God
told Adam, "...of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in
the day that you eat of it you shall die.” Adam passed along this information to Eve.
Now Eve may not have been given complete or accurate information and therefore
was tricked into eating the fruit from this tree, but Adam knew better.
Eve gives him some of the fruit and, in direct disobedience to God, knowing word
for word what God had told him, ate it. What could be the harm in just a little bite??
After all - who would ever know? It’s the little secret sins we think we can get away
with, isn’t it?

Why was “their eyes being opened” and knowing they were naked bad?
(Gen. 3:7)
Well, it’s not that their eyes were literally “opened”. Their eyes being opened meant
that they now had the “knowledge of good and evil” Satan had tempted Eve with.
They had lost their innocence, their sound judgment, and were now confused and
shamed by knowing they had disobeyed God. Herein lies Satan’s half-truth. Their
eyes were opened, BUT only to the shame and grief, and in their shame and grief,
Adam and Eve felt “naked”. No, not naked in the sense of no clothes but in the
realization that they had been stripped of all the honors and joys of paradise and
exposed to the miseries and ramifications of an angry and disrespected God.
Feeling naked, they then made garments of fig leaves for themselves.
What does this passage of Scripture say to us today?
People often say that the Bible is outdated and has no relevance in today’s modern
world. Of course, I disagree. I often say that you can find the answer to ANY
problem that life throws at you today