I have used sermoncentral along with many other resources in this sermon.

Caring for Godís House
Haggai 1:1-9

Past 2 weeks we have been considering 5 dream teams for TBC 60th
Remember the vision of God will not merely happen to us
Godís vision will happen through us
Began with worship, discipleship, today facilities not too exciting

Want you to remember with me TBC facilities through the years
TBC began Sept 21, 1947 in a tent, 1948 Quonset Hut
August 15, 1960 A frame building, burned June 14, 1969
For 2 years met at Crawford and Julia R Ewan school
October 3, 1971 present building dedicated

Might say pastor why all this stuff about buildings
Isnít the church to be the people of God? More than building
True, but LHL headline, ďCats might just have everything now:
Hot shooting coincides w\opening of $30 Mill practice facilityĒ
Wrote that before yesterday, stools with players names on it
Key card entry to get in, hot tubs, message areas

See buildings matter, so a part of our dreams for next 60 years
Include dreams for our facilities, consider prophet Haggai today
Haggai is easy to overlook, probably not many sermons from it

But great story, about 600 BC Bible says & history confirms
Jews were conquered by Babylonian empire under Nebuchadnezzar
Daniel Hananiah, Azariah & Mishael taken into captivity.
Nebuchadnezzar found Solomonís temple in Jerusalem
Had a lot of gold so took it back spoils to Babylon.
Over 65 years Jews endured captivity, hundreds of miles from home,
When Persian Empire rose to power defeated Babylon.
King Cyrus, no beef w\Jews so let Jews return home to rebuild
Estimated 40,000 did so in but some stayed in Babylon or Persia
536 BC book of Ezra describes temple work started w\excitement
Worship amidst ruin of Solomon temple to reclaim spiritual life

Haggai picks up story 16 yrs later when temple still only foundation
Book is carefully chronicled see vs 1 spoke over 4 month period
Call to care for Godís house, two lessons for us


Haggai 1st of the 3 prophets in OT who spoke to the remnant
Itís possible that Haggai is an old man in his 70ís or 80ís;
if so he one of few in Israel who could remember the majesty &
splendor of Solomonís temple been destroyed by the Babylonians
Seems for Haggai temple represented home of the presence of God

So why did they not finish the job?
Ezra 4:4-6 NLT hints, 4 Then the local residents tried to discourage
& frighten the people of Judah to keep them from their work.
They bribed agents to work against them & to frustrate their plans.
This went on during the entire reign of King Cyrus of Persia and
lasted until King Darius of Persia took the throne.
Years later when Xerxes began his reign, the enemies of Judah
wrote a letter of accusation vs the people of Judah & Jerusalem.

In other words city got all upset, why TBC no new sanctuary
City said not enough