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Sermon on Christmas Eve 2008: Christ is born

Birth: Luke 2:1-7
* Down-to-earth story
* Political context
* Not a cute family scene, but privacy issues
* The powers of the time: Roman Emperor and Governor, Oppressors
* Joseph and Mary humbled themselves and followed the order to be registered
* Not just a good law-abiding family, but not married; they even lied at the registration, filing: Jesus, son of Joseph, although we all know, he is the son of God.
* And why did they have to lay this poor child in a manger? It’s not said that they were too poor to afford a decent place, but there simply was no place in the inn. Come on: They knew she was pregnant. Traveling with an expecting woman you make reservations, don’t ya?! At least arrange with relatives.
* God humbled himself to be part of this mess! How deep is his love?

Angels: Luke 2:8-14
* After this down-to-earth birth story it is refreshing to look up into the heavens
* “Glory to God in the highest”
* Our reason to celebrate Christmas: God becomes human being
* That’s why Santa is coming down the chimney and brings joy to every home
* Like the Angles back then
* “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors!”
* No, hold on: Santa separates the naughty and nice according to their deeds
* With God it’s a whole different story: “peace among those whom he favors”
* You who worship today are favored by God, because you came to hear the angels sing and give glory to God in the highest.

Shepherds: Luke 2:15-20
* We are back were we started: down-to-earth
* Those shepherds sure were down-to-earth guys
* Live on a day-to-day
* Don’t know what tomorrow’s gonna bring: job, family, occupied land, sickness
* That night they knew exactly what was gonna happen
* Their life suddenly had a direction, a meaning, something to rely on: Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is born!