CHRISTIAN CONDUCT by Robert Steinbrook
Read Passage: Romans 12:9-14 KJV
Text: verses 10-11
1. Story of Bible College trying to teach manners and proper conduct. My first few dinners I was too nervous to eat; later was comfortable with proper conduct.
2. New Christians can experience the same kind of nervousness at Church. examples
3. Christian conduct is more than just knowing the songs and the language of church
4. Our text today deals specifically with How a Christian should conduct themselves
5. In order to fully understand our text we need some background on this chapter.
A. Paul Starts out in 12:1-2 addressing the crisis of Entire Sanctification, “Full Surrender” Rest of the Chapter deals with living the Sanctified life.
B. One must experience verses 1-2 before they can live verses 9-14.
C. God doesn’t want to reform us, He wants to transform us!
Trans: Four principles of Christian conduct are presented in our text. They are practical Christian principles, which will strengthen us spiritually, and help us prepare for a place in God’s kingdom. The first principle is found in the first part of verse 10; “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love.”
1. Adam Clarke comments on this passage:
“We are to love a brother Christian with the affection of a natural brother.”
2. William Barclay said
“When this love exists, differences may arise occasionally, but they are soon ironed
out and forgotten.”
3. Song we sing “Family of God” by Bill Gaither
1st verse “You will notice we say brother and sister ‘round here, It’s because we’re a
family and these are so dear; when one has a heartache, we all share the tears, and
rejoice in each victory in this family so dear”
4. Church is more than a place of worship.
A. It should be a family. B. It should be constantly looking for new people to love.
5. This love calls on the absent and takes interest in the visitor.
Trans: The second principle of Christian conduct mentioned in our text is found in the last part of verse 10; “In honour preferring one another.”
1. What the world tells us
Find fault and belittle those around us, get Jealous and be selfish; I’m better!
2. What God tells us
View others as more valuable than yourself; Put the interest of others first.
3. illustration – man that sold only ox and gave the money to the Church, had to plow by hand. when asked if he had a regrets, he said he only regreted that he had just one ox to sell.
Trans: The third principle of Christian conduct mentioned in our text is found in the first part of verse 11; “Not slothful in business.”
1. slothful means - idle, tardy, slow, poky, lazy
2. Adam Clarke “An idle, slothful person can never be a Christian”
3. Paul is referring specifically to God’s business in this text.