and Jonathan had bonded together and were very loyal to one another in spite of how Saul felt about David. David and Jonathan had made a covenant of friendship to each other promising that whoever survived or outlived each other would look after each others families. This incident certainly stands as a challenge to us as to how we operate with our friends and what kinds of promises have we made, kept and/or broken. It is also a challenge to honor the promises that we made to our own parents, grandparents and descendants and to do so reflects how we also keep our promises to God.

We are certainly living in a time where all relationships are suspect and challenged. If you have a friend it just seems like everyone is wondering what is going on between them as if there is no such thing as pure friendship. It is equally a concern when friends are friends irregardless of the problems and perceptions of others. You know how it is, people want you to be mad at your friend because they are and they do not seem to understand it when you say, but that doesn’t have anything to do with me. People want you to be mad at a whole family because they had problems with one member of the family. We just can’t seem to separate and deal with the issues.

At any rate, this is a time of much turmoil. Saul had failed as the first king and David is now king. At the time, Jonathan and Saul die in the same battle on Mount Gilboa, Mephibosheth is only five years old at the time. It was chaotic, the king is dead, the prince is dead now what will happen to us? The nurse picks up the child and While running for their lives, drops the Mephibosheth. While she saves his natural life, he is now crippled for life. Mephibosheth belonged to the royal line and thus lived in exile and fear from King David. He was subject to persecution and slander but was rescued due to a promise that was made to his father that he probably never even heard about.

Mephibosheth would still be in trouble if David kept promises like we keep them today. We have trouble keeping our promises to each other in each others face, but David is faced with the challenge of keeping his promise now that his friend is dead. Most kings in the time of David tried to completely destroy the families of their rivals in order to prevent any of the descendants from trying to regain the throne. David did not do that, he actively sought out descendants of his friend. He was told that Jonathan had a son but the son was alive but lame.

His search landed his servants down in Lodebar, a city east of the Jordan River. A city that was characterized by its barrenness, waste lands and devastation. His search took his servants to Lodebar, the city in the midst of the wilderness. Lodebar the place of no pasture. No greenery. It was desolate in Lodebar. Down in Lodebar, Mephibosheth lost his rank, lost his prestige, lost his respectability, lost his reputation, lost his superiority, lost
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