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Commitment to Witness


Sermon shared by Steve Shepherd

October 2005
Summary: We all need to be committed to witnessing for Christ.
Audience: General adults
who are prospering materially and socially are admired and congratulated, but if they do not know Jesus Christ, they are not doing well. We act as if their lostness were incidental, that it does not matter. Either it is a stupendous issue of heaven or hell or we might as well forget it. If our unsaved friends were in danger otherwise, we would go to their assistance without apology. Yet Jesus came to seek and to save the lost and died for their salvation. There is something hypocritical about claiming to believe that and then acting as though it was unimportant.”

There are many reasons why we don’t speak for Christ or witness for Him and this could be one of them.


ILL.- Will McRaney is associate professor of evangelism at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He worte about sharing Christ with post-modern people in Rick Warren’s newsletter.

Lindsay is a prime example of someone who is radically post-modern and confused about the Gospel, in spite of her many and varied religious experiences.

In conducting a video interview with 22-year-old Lindsay, I discovered interesting insights into her beliefs and background. She was articulate, well-traveled, and open to discussing her beliefs. She spoke freely about her views of God or, in her case, god. She stated that god was everywhere and in everything, including the cigarette she was smoking. "I am smoking god," she said.

At various points in her life, Lindsay had tried Baptist churches, Catholic churches, Buddhist temples and even aura readings but found organized religion a major turnoff. She acknowledged the Bible had some good morals but believed that people take it too literally. She believed in miracles and even the possibility of the resurrection of Jesus. Regarding Jesus, she said he was a leader; whether he was a fictional or real leader does not matter to her.

Lindsay holds several other positions that are quite strange. She described God with impersonal language, yet when asked about what God requires of us, she used personal language to describe God. She did not believe in absolute truth, but in an individual absolute truth, even if the respective truths are in direct contradiction to each other.

How should the church and, in particular, individual Christians respond to the Lindsay’s – the confused who occupy every single neighborhood in America?

Lindsay may seem "out there," but in reality, most of the people who walk the streets – and many who occupy our church rolls – are confused as well.

Brothers and sisters, do you know what this young lady tells me? We live in a world of mixed up and messed up people who know little about God, Christ and eternal life!

And we need to recommit ourselves with a heart of compassion to reach all people for Christ! This is God’s purpose for our lives!

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