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Complete Wedding

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Aug 14, 2002
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: Adults

Summary: This is a complete wedding including unity candle with a twist... and marriage covenat signing at the end

______________________ and ______________________, in these moments I have heard you pledge your love and faith to each other. Your friends and family members assembled here have heard you seal your solemn vows of marriage by giving and receiving the rings. Now it is my joy and personal privilege to declare you husband and wife… You may kiss the Bride

Song, Butterfly Kisses

In just a moment ______________________ and ______________________’s mothers are going to light a candle and then light the two candles outside the unity candle. This is a symbol of them giving their children over to each other. When they were just babies they knew that this day would come. They knew just as the bible says, “For this reason a man shall leave his fathers house, and a daughter shall leave his mothers to be united as one.

Please come now and light the candles.

______________________ and ______________________ in just a moment you will be light the center candle using the light that was passed on by your parents. This ceremony will symbolize the merging of their lives to one relationship.

The Rose that they are presenting to their Mothers symbolize the nurture provided by these mothers since their children where very young. ______________________ and ______________________ will give the roses as a symbol of their love and appreciation for their mothers and all they have done for them.

To conclude this ceremony ______________________ and ______________________ will be signing a marriage covenant. I would like there parents to come as the covenant is read. This is a legal document that reads,

If you would like a copy of the covenant please email me at brostv@frontiernet.net it is in word format.

Please turn and face the assembly ;

Friends and Family of the bride and groom, it is my pleasure to present to you Mr. And Mrs. ______________________ .

The covenant will be down stairs after the reception and they would like each one of you that will vowel to pray and be their for them though out their marriage to sign the back of their covenant.

This concludes this service may each of you go in peace and love in the name of our Loving Savior Jesus Christ whom we serve. Amen

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Samuel Wilder avatar
Samuel Wilder
0 days ago
This is the kind of outline most of us are looking for, and I personally appreciate your willingness to share Pastor Steve. I have two weddings (one is my daughters) and this will help tremendously.
Douglas Bolton avatar
Douglas Bolton
0 days ago
Thanks for the message very well done.

So, what did you think?

Thank you.