Moses had died and Joshua is in charge, They are at a critical point, they have been here before. (This is where you either breakdown or you breakthrough)

This is where you decide if the dream is worth it.
Itís one thing to dream itís another thing to take possession of that dream.

Every dreamer will come to this place, it is here that dreamers either go over or go under
It is called Jordan

Jordan = the descender, Jordan = death Jordan the end

An entire generation had died at this very same place ( no they didnít really die, but they quit dreaming).

Every dreamer will come to this place ( here there are only two choices (1) cross over into the promise or (2) settle down on this side of Jordan and give up your dream

Jordan is a place that is God ordained, It is a place of impossibility, it is a place of weakness, helplessness, It is the place where all self effort dies, it is where we come face to face with our carnal selves.

You may face your Jordan during a time of sickness, or a time of great financial difficulty, or a time of family turmoil.
God is not the author of sickness, and disease, and poverty, and hardship, but as we face these things we come to an end of ourselves.

So Jordan is a dividing line, itís the place where we are forced to decide are we going to trust in the living God? or are we going to trust in the arm of the flesh and self efforts?

Jacob wrestled all night with the angel of the Lord, during that wrestling Jacob came face to face with his carnal self, he was forced to face himself, he saw himself as he was ( a deceiver, a sup planter, a manipulator, a usurper, )

Jacob cried out to be delivered from the power of the self life ( I wonít let you go till you bless me).
Donít leave me like this, I canít live like this anymore, Iím sick of my carnal self,
And the angel smote him in the thigh and the sinew or muscle of his self life dried up.

( That was a Jordan for Jacob)

What does it take to get across Jordan?

#1 Sanctification:
sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you

Anything that would offend the spirit of God in our lives can keep us from crossing Jordan,
So many have started across Jordan but because of some in ordinate affection, some hidden sin, some secret self love, they have come up short and were swallowed up by waves of despair, guilt, condemnation.
Circumcise the children of Israel again:

The application for us is that we must circumcise ourselves as often as need be, we must never reach the place of believing that we have once for all conquered the self life, but ever be watchful and quick to take the sharp edge of the word of God and cut away that which is of the flesh.

Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you:
How much of Gods power do we forfeit when we allow our lives to become cluttered with things of the flesh.
It is clear that the shortage and the failure is not on Gods part, he is ready, he
Keith Mackey
July 20, 2007
Wow. This is exactly where we are as a church. Took this outline, put in illustrations that fit our situation, and what a powerful message. Good stuff!!
Satya Maharjan
October 18, 2006
Really, you contributed your words to lead me to the Jordan and Cross it by the power of Love of Christ