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and making it powerless because weíve fallen for his lies.
You hear me this morning church. Itís time for the church to rise up and declare war on the devil. Itís time to stand up and say, as for me and my house, weíre going to serve the Lord.

Weíre going to look at this morning how to declare war on the devil and win.

I. First, find out the area the devil is attacking!
The last part of 2 Corinthians 2:11 says ďthat we are not ignorant of his (the devils) devicesĒ
Thereís always a reason why Satan does what he does. He attacks each of us differently and Itís important that you understand why the devil is attacking you the way he is.

Hereís whyÖ The areas of attacks are usually weaknesses in us that we need to turn over to the Lord.

Any enemy knows you attack your opponent at their weak points because you have a greater chance of breaking through and getting a victory.

If we can identify the weaknesses in us, then we can ask forgiveness and repent and the Lord will bring healing to those areas.

Let me explain to you what I mean. If the enemy is attacking you in such a way to make you worry, then you need to confess that before God and repent for not trusting Him in all things.

When we constantly operate in the arena of fear and worry then thatís a warning sign that we havenít taken time to really get to know Jesus. For if you really get to know Him, you wonít have any problems trusting Him.

If youíre having problems with your finances, then you need to look at your giving. Our you faithful in paying your tithe and giving in the offering. If not, then you need to repent for not using what God has blessed you with to invest in the Kingdom.

If youíre constantly being attacked in your health, then you need to look at how youíre taking care of your temple. If youíre addicted to cigarettes or alcohol or drugs or food or pornography then you need to confess these things before God and humble yourselves before Him.

So the first thing in battling the enemy is find out the area of attack

II. Next, ask yourself how do I react when the enemy attacks.
Do you start confessing what the enemy is doing to you?
Do you begin to question God?
Do you throw in the towels and say I quit?

We a lot of times empower the enemy in our life. The enemy is limited in what he can do. If the devil could destroy you, you would have been dead a long time ago. The fact is nothing comes your way that God didnít know was coming and if God knew it was coming my way, then Heís going to empower me to stand against that attack.

So many times we start, Let me tell you, the way you respond when the enemy attacks you will determine the outcome. You need to understand that Satan maybe powerful, but God is all powerful.

Satan may be mighty, but God is almighty.

Satan may be like a roaring lion, but Jesus is the
Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Thereís no reason you need to stand around and give testimony on how successful the enemy